A Day at Darling Harbour

If you ever get an opportunity to visit Australia and spend some time in this wonderful country – you’re a lucky one! Your first stop should certainly be Darling Harbour – one of the most raved about areas in Sydney adored by millions of globetrotters. Stay with us and find out how to spend a perfect day at Darling Harbour and explore its most important sites!

Relax at Chinese Garden of Friendship

Located on the south side of Darling Harbour, Chinese Garden of Friendship will truly take your breath away and help you unwind to the max. You have to visit this outstanding place if having a secret garden of your own is what you’ve always dreamed about. This place is much more than just a city garden – it depicts the Chinese philosophy at its finest, with all those lakes, waterfalls, pavilions, exotic plants and hidden pathways. You’ll undoubtedly find a piece of heaven you won’t want to leave!

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Visit Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

If you’re up for experiencing Australia’s authentic freshwater and marine environments, you definitely don’t want to miss Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Its size is beyond impressive, and you’ll surely spend some quality time at this wonderful place. It is home to over 700 species that include vicious sharks, lovely penguins, sensational clownfish, and even dugongs – intriguing animals which were mistaken for mermaids by the first European sailors who arrived in Australia’s waters. You definitely won’t regret visiting this magical place.

Explore the Australian National Maritime Museum

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The Maritime Museum should be your next stop, especially if you want to spend a fantastic day out with your family, exploring some breathtaking exhibitions and mind-blowing collections of vessels. Each showpiece you’ll see tells a unique story, from ancient saltwater traditions to modern beach culture and even popular water sports. You’ll have a chance to enter a magnificent navy submarine and explore a boat that’s held the world water speed record since 1978. Kids will absolutely adore these.

Have a dinner at Cockle Bay Wharf

It’s finally dinner time! Cockle Bay Wharf is well known as one of the most famous entertainment hubs in Sydney, and the truth is that there’s no better place to have some tasty, over-the-top meals. You’ll love vibrant Sydney cafe scene which has so much to offer – from delicious foods to glorious cocktails. You simply have to visit Blackbird Cafe, it’s one of the most fabulous places for happy hour in Sydney. Also, it’s a great place if you’re up for some piquant chicken wings, tempting king prawns or appetizing parmesan crust pizza. As you can see, there are dishes that can suit literally anyone’s needs, so you won’t make a mistake if you visit this place. A nice cocktail or two will be more than enough to bring your fabulous evening to an end, so be bold and order them as soon as possible.

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Enjoy an epic cruise along Sydney Harbour

Finish your day with an epic cruise along Sydney Harbour – there’s no better way to round off this entire experience. A night cruise is always a smart idea, since you’ll have an opportunity to see everything from a whole different perspective – from the water. King Street Wharf is one of the most popular departure points, both for day and night cruises, so make sure not to miss it while in Darling Harbour. This is surely one of the most magnificent ways to get to know this marvellous place to the tiniest detail, no matter who’re you with – your family, significant other or a group of friends.

Sydney’s Darling Harbour is one of the most popular areas among tourists from all over the globe, who are lured to it by numerous attractions, fascinating sights and a vivid café scene that promise a lot. The previously mentioned five activities are an absolute must when it comes to spending a day at Darling Harbour, so don’t skip them under any circumstances and have fun while in Sydney!



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