5 Instagram-Worthy Places You Must Visit in New South Wales

Whether or not you are into posting selfies taken in front of iconic places or you just like taking pictures for a private memory collection, everybody loves seeing beautiful things. Be it breathtaking nature or impressive architecture, some views simply stay with us forever. New South Wales is full of such places, near the sea and on the land, with modern twists and rustic feels, there is something for everyone.

Jervis Bay

The record holder for the whitest sand, the beautiful beaches of Jervis Bay are simply inspiring. The water changes color from light blue to light mint, and it’s hard to choose which time is the better for taking pictures. Even if you are not much of a beach person, this one might just be what you needed to change your mind. It is perfect for family days at the beach, weekend hangouts with friends, or even special occasions. Getting married here is not uncommon at all – and this is no surprise since the sand matches the bride’s dress!


The Hunter Valley

If the name itself sounds so rustic – can you even imagine how the place actually looks like? Wooden houses, homemade food, and sweet wine will make you feel like you took a trip a few hundred years back. If you are a wine lover, this is definitely the place for you. You can taste all the varieties made on the very soil you are standing on. There is really no substitute for authentic local products, such as these unique wines. And the crafts are not any different from the food: take a peek at a local jewelry shop, and you will spend an hour there. It really is a perfect getaway – just imagine having a picnic, watching the sunset with a bottle of good wine and fresh, local food. Picture perfect!

Powerhouse museum


If you are someone who appreciates the benefits of modern life and technology more than nature, then the powerhouse museum is the place for you. It is great for people of all ages and various interests, featuring many interesting exhibits, focusing mainly on technology. It is considered one of Australia’s best museums, and it is really hard to imagine going there and not having a time of your life. The things you see are definitely picture-worthy, even though they might require quite a long caption to explain them!


If you want a mixture of modern architecture and beautiful nature, then Canberra is the place for you. The perfect place for a family vacation or a weekend road trip, it will definitely make you want to come back sometime soon. Whether your goal is shopping, sightseeing or just relaxing, Canberra has it all. And Sydney to Canberra bus is a breeze to catch, so getting there won’t be a problem either. So, if you are planning a long weekend somewhere – put Canberra on your checklist.

parliament-house-168300_1280 (2)

Byron Bay

Of course, if you are traveling around New South Wales, you simply won’t be able to resist Byron Bay. Seeing the view is almost as impressive as seeing the lighthouse itself. What is unique about this place is that it is not just a simple beach – it is an experience. Great for groups with a mix of people since it offers a perfect relaxing time for both people who love spending time at the beach and those who love sightseeing. If you are into diving, you will love it even more since the wildlife you can see in the waters is something you will not be able to forget for a long time. When you get to Byron Bay, there is really nothing left to do but sit back and simply relax.


Now you know the best locations to go to on your next vacation, whether it is a short or long one. And if you are adventurous and have a little bit of extra time – how about a road trip visiting all of these places?


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