The Summer is Coming: A Guide on How to Prepare Your Home Before Vacation

The weeks before your vacation can be hectic. Packing and shopping will take up most of your time, with home security taking the bottom of your to-do list. You don’t want to come back from your trip just to find your home was robbed. To be on safe side read this ultimate guide on how to prepare your home before you leave and insure everything is in its place when you come back. Take a look.

Prepare your home for any weather

No matter what climate you live in, there are always some unpredicted weather conditions you need to protect your property from. Go out and carefully scan your house for weak spots. Put away all things that are not secured and can get blown away by strong winds. If you live in cold regions, you should pay attention to all exposed pipes. Insulate them properly to avoid a burst pipe and leave the tap trickling a little. That way your home will stay intact.

door-1089560_960_720Create an impression of a full house

Leaving a house on a total lockdown is practically an invitation for robbers. There’s nothing they enjoy more than seeing an empty house ripe for the taking. Before you leave, make your house looks like there’s still someone in. You can ask your neighbor to park at your driveway, pick up your mail and newspapers. If you’re planning on staying away for a longer, you can stop your newspaper subscription or have your mail redirected. Install motion detectors around the house. If triggered they will turn on the lights and scare away the burglars. Leave your curtains and blinds open, so that robbers lose their sense of security while inside. You can even get an app that will automatically turn the lights on and off around your home, or an app that will let you monitor your house via a webcam.

Let them know you are secured

You want potential burglars to know not to mess with your home. Put up stickers and signs from a security company to avert robbers. You can even get fake sight saying you have security systems, but this can be a double-edged sword, since some particularly cunning robbers can spot the difference. Your dog can be the perfect security system, just put up a sigh advertising its unfriendly nature (this can work even if you don’t own a furry security guard).

vacation-2217498_960_720Get someone to keep an eye on your home

You can ask your friendly neighbors to keep an eye on your home and alert you if they spot something suspicious going on. Good thing about it is that it’s free; all you need to do is return the favor some other time. Also, you can always hire people experienced in house sitting in Brisbane that will keep your house safe. House sitters are also great if you have pets, since they will always have someone to feed them, play with them and take care of their needs.

Prep your house

Before you leave, make sure all small appliances and electronics are unplugged and pay special attention to heaters. You don’t want to risk a fire breaking out while you’re gone. Turn off the water valves for toilets, sinks, washing machine and dishwasher to prevent flooding. You can also leave room doors open to ensure better air circulation which will prevent air inside the house from getting stale.  If you’re leaving your car at home, put it safely in the garage and make sure all doors are locked.

No matter what destination you chose this holiday season, these tricks will ensure your home is safely waiting for your return. Now, go and have a pleasant vacation.




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