5 Awesome Destinations for Baby Boomers

So, you’ve worked hard your entire life, and now, finally, you are retired, debt-free and you’ve managed to put the kids through school. What else is there left to do but enjoy life? And what a better way to do that than to travel to all those places you’ve always wanted to see, but never had enough time or money. Now it’s finally your time to spoil yourself, and here are our top 5 suggestions for the perfect go-to locations to enjoy your travels!


The enchanting Mexico
Mexico baby boomer travel

Mexico’s reputation as a favorite vacation destination in the Americas is unbeatable, and once you find yourself there, it’s not hard to see why. It’s a country blessed by infinite natural beauty: a country of impeccable beaches, lush jungles, and arid deserts. Intertwined into this unique tapestry that makes Mexico what it is, are thousands of years of culture and history, from the Aztecs and Cortés to modern times. The people are some of the friendliest on the planet. Mexico is also a cheap country, where you can spend a luxurious vacation filled with pampering opportunities for relatively low prices.


The amazing Sydney
sydney travel

If you’re looking for a lively, diverse yet far away destination, look no further than Australia. The continent has so much to offer, but perhaps its most fascinating locale is its biggest city: Sydney. Sydney, with its 5 million strong population is a cultural melting pot. It’s known for its famous attractions, like the Opera House and Circular Quay, but also some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you’re into surfing, snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing with an ice-cold beverage and watching the waves, there’s a perfect beach for you somewhere in Sydney. The city’s cultural life is very active, with dozens of events year-round. Many older visitors are so knocked off their feet by this beautiful city, that they never leave. Instead, they decide to stay for good in luxurious retirement villages in Sydney.


The charming Tuscany

Italy is consistently one of the most popular destinations in Europe, and perhaps the epitome of Italian beauty is the region of Tuscany. Simply put, it is the perfect vacation destination. How could it not be? The landscape is dreamlike: tall, lonely cypresses, hazy olive groves, and rolling hills are everywhere you turn. And on top of every hill, there is an ancient stone town rich with culture and history. The tastes and smells are amazing – every few steps, there is an authentic restaurant, a charming cafe, or a shop selling local cheeses, olive oil, herbs or desserts like the traditional panforte. Florence alone is so impressive, it can take weeks to fully explore all it has to show.

The Aegean paradise of Santorini

As the sun sets into the Aegean Sea, it paints a blindingly beautiful picture in hues of burning orange and rich pink. Just one look at that sunset, and it becomes clear why Santorini is the most famous and beloved of all Greek islands. The brilliantly blue sky and sea is picked up on the domes of churches in Santorini’s white-washed postcard-perfect towns. The pink smattering of bougainvillea here and there adds another touch of color. The volcanic island is all covered with steep cliffs, picturesque towns and unusual beaches.

The sophisticated Belgium
belgium travel

While that might not be your first thought at the mention of Belgium, it is a food lover’s idea of heaven. The home of first-rate chocolate, waffles, fries and beer, but also more sophisticated seafood dishes, Belgium is an excellent destination for any gourmet. It’s incredible how many fascinating things seem to be crammed into such a tiny country. Did you know for instance, that Brussels is considered the capital of the European Union? Or that there are over 3000 castles and chateaus in the country? How about the fact that the historic city of Bruges, built on canals is considered to be the Venice of the North? And that’s only a tiny fraction of Belgium’s secrets.


Whether you’ve loved traveling all your life, or you’ve just now decided to get to know our planet better, one thing is true: the world is so full of glorious places, you will never run out of new destinations and unique experiences. Start ticking off our suggestions – after all, there’s no time like right now!


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