Where To Take That Holiday That You Deserve This Year

As usual, the year seems to be going at full speed and summer is here already (how did that happen?). A busy schedule and hectic lifestyle can often get in the way of planning any time out for yourself in the form of holidays and trips abroad. So, maybe it’s time to sit back and think about the sorts of places you’d like to visit and explore this summer; hopefully, the following ideas will provide you with some vacation inspiration.

A City Break

Discovering a new city is always going to nourish your soul (and your wardrobe), and they’re well worth thinking about when it comes to your next adventure. Visiting a city means that you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to eat, places to shop, and sights to see; so if you’re craving a non-stop getaway, it could be just the ticket for you. You don’t have to spend the whole of your vacay within the hustle and bustle of a city; why not consider spending a few days to a week there, then moving onto somewhere a little more relaxing.

New York Is probably one of the most famous cities in the northern hemisphere, and will not disappoint you if you’re craving a constant source of stimulation and Instagram opportunities. NYC is known for getting pretty hot during the summer months, but if you can’t find a rooftop to chill out on, you could consider taking a trip to The Hamptons to cool down, sip Aperol Spritzes, and mingle with the A-listers. For more inspiration on where to take your city vacation, have a look here.

Photo source: http://www.pexels.com

A Coastal Escape

There’s nothing quite like the sound of the ocean, fresh seafood, and the beautiful blue hues of the water as you enjoy a coastal holiday. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a location by the sea, so it’s best to consider what sort of holiday you’re after. Maybe you want a totally tranquil escape, with white sand and palm trees, where you can relax and read your book all day. Or, perhaps you’re into the party scene a little more, and an Ibizan getaway will fulfill your music and dancing needs.

Other islands like Mallorca and Kos are also incredibly picturesque locations, where you can explore the towns, eat the local delicacies, and lay back to relax when the sun is too hot to do anything else. Consider taking a look at your island haven from the outside and incorporating some time on the sea into your holiday. You can compare boat rental prices and find the cheapest option for you and your co-travellers, and catch the rays as you bob up and down in the water.

Photo source: http://www.pexels.com

An Active Adventure

If the thought of a busy city, or relaxing all day fills you with fear; an action-packed vacation in the heart of nature might be more to your taste. Whether it’s jungles, mountains, or deserts you fancy trekking through, an active break will ensure you come home with a healthy body and mind, and with some pretty breathtaking photographs and memories.

If you are reading this and worrying that you simply can’t afford to travel overseas this year; don’t worry, there are plenty of options in the UK that fulfill one or more of the above getaways. Check out how to Holiday at Home This Summer for some great ideas! Go on; you deserve a break.

Photo source: http://www.pexels.com


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