Best Tropical Destinations for Your Dream Wedding

No matter where it takes place, your wedding day will be a moment you will always remember. However, why not make it even more special by choosing an extraordinary vacation. Having your ceremony in a tropical paradise, in the warm glow of the sun’s golden rays adds an instant feeling of laidback glamour. Check out some of our favorite destinations from all over the globe.

beach-1854076_960_720The always sunny Aruba

There are many things to recommend Aruba as your wedding destination, but one that really sets it apart is its year-round perfect wedding. Unlike many other tropical islands, Aruba doesn’t get hurricanes. It does, however, get a constant pleasant breeze that keeps it from getting too hot. This Dutch Caribbean island is located off the north coast of Venezuela, and is one of the most popular islands in the region. It’s easy to see why: it offers a perfect combo of wilderness and civilization. The rugged landscapes, the iridescent sea and miles of uncrowded white beaches are juxtaposed against all-inclusive resorts and amazing shopping opportunities. Bear in mind that for the legal part of a wedding you need to head down to the City Hall in Oranjestad.

love-1706548_960_720Laidback Jamaica

When it comes to tropical weddings, Jamaica is an oldie but goldie. You would be hard-pressed to find a place that’s more hospitable and that has better all-inclusive resorts. The island is big enough to satisfy different tastes – no matter if you like the hustle and bustle of locations like Kingston and Montego Bay or the relaxed hippie vibe of Negril, Jamaica has something for everyone. The natural beauty of the island is unparalleled, but perhaps what draws visitors in more than anything else is the sheer joy of life that imbues every single moment spent there. All you need to get married in Jamaica is a wedding license, and to arrive at least 24 hours before the ceremony.

wedding-2245535_960_720Fascinating Australia

People who are looking for hot weather and amazing landscapes, but are not interested in the isolation and lack of variety on small islands, should give Australia a shot. The sixth biggest country in the world is blessed both by incredible nature and all the comforts of the Western world that many of us are used to. The enormous country has too many perfect destinations to count: the luxurious and private Hayman Island, the lush rainforests of Queensland and underwater ceremonies at the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney itself boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, and is a pretty solid option with easy booking for every aspect of the wedding. To save your memories for posterity, don’t forget to book premium wedding videography in Sydney. For a wedding in Australia, you need to lodge in a notice at least a month and one day before your date.

Picture-perfect Fiji

If you had a task to imagine a tropical postcard, chances are an image of Fiji would pop up in your mind. If you are imagining waters of surreal turquoise contrasted against the blinding white sands, dotted with beachfront huts – yup, you are thinking of Fiji. The archipelago is made up of a staggering 333 islands, although Viti Levu is the one with the most resorts. The warm and welcoming people of the islands turn island life into a unique experience. To get married in Fiji, you need to arrive three days beforehand, with your personal documents.


Destination weddings are an amazing way to infuse some magic into your big day. Everything feels better in the tropics: brides are glowingly beautiful, pictures are more memorable, guests are more relaxed. One thing is for sure – a tropical wedding is a truly unforgettable experience.


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