Tara – The Wonder of the Balkans’ Wilderness


The Balkans is one of those places on earth that holds many hidden gems of nature but which managed to steer clear from unwanted mass tourism. Unspoiled wild nature and unforgettable experiences are what you are in for, especially for those of you seeking adrenaline-fueled action and fun. One of such gems is certainly the Tara River Canyon in the Durmitor National Park.

The Tara is both a name of the mountain in the region and a river which flows through Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only a three-hour ride away from the Adriatic coast and located in a UNESCO-protected landscape, the river Tara is nestled beautifully amid high windswept mountains. Between two steep hillsides etched with fissured limestone formations, alpine creeks and green forest, the River Tara Canyon is 1300 meters deep. It is the Europe’s deepest river canyon, and indeed, one of the most impressive ones in the world, just behind the Grand Canyon. We dare you to zipline across it!

Whitewater rafting

The River Tara is perfect for whitewater rafting sports. For those looking for a relaxing experience, there is an option of rafting on smooth emerald water and exploring the amazing greenery with its endemic plant species. In many rafting tracks, no previous experience is needed, so groups and families are welcome. You can also challenge yourself with going on a tour of various difficulties – from easy and moderate to difficult. There is so much to explore and do if you are a water-sports aficionado and a natural-born adventurer. The River Tara, with its many cascades, waterfalls, and roaring rapids, will dance you into the heart of the Balkans’ wilderness.


Ready for some loud yeehaws and adrenalin kicks? The water level is at its highest during spring months when the snow from the mountains starts melting. For this tense adventure, you´ll need some prior knowledge and physical fitness. In the months, from July to October, the water is a bit warmer and the rafting tours are less demanding. The last forty kilometers of the river, on the Herzegovinian side, are key, as this is where you’ll need to hold onto your helmets and oars at all times because the river Tara is the roughest and most exciting here. Sharp maneuvers, rough ride with many water splashes and sudden drops is what makes it so famous.


Your whitewater rafting escapade came to an end and you are in for some more hands-on challenges? Slip back into a neoprene suit, grab a helmet, and a safety vest, and join your team and guides on a thrilling canyoning tour. This way you’ll explore the breathtaking Tara river on your own terms. But that doesn’t mean that your heartbeat will remain at its resting rate. Prepare for some narrow stone gorges, challenging high rocks and whirring water slopes. What is especially appealing to extreme-sports enthusiasts is the combination of many activities. You’ll be using ropes and hooks just like in any climbing challenge, only this time to descend from inaccessible cliffs, you’ll be swimming, diving and hiking, as well as jumping from a couple of meters height. It is an action-packed fun in nature. If you want to experience something like this, learn here more about Tara canyoning. There are different tours available to match your readiness and courage.


A favorite among visitors is the Nevidio Canyon in Montenegro snuggled below the Durmitor mountain slopes. The narrow gorges of the Komarnica river have been left untouched and unexplored until the 1960s, which makes it a true gem for die-hard adventurers and hikers. You should also not miss exploring the Hrcavka Canyon. It’s situated in the Sutjeska National Park and is one of the most-recently discovered canyons in Europe. Its two different tracks, each including 3-4 hours of demanding canyoning have been charted out only two years ago. What other better way to rejuvenate your spirit than to experience the power of the cleanest rivers and untouched Balkans’ wilderness?


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