Had Enough of NYC? Give The Tri-State Area A Tri

New York City | Source: http://www.wikimedia.org

It’s no secret to anyone why New York City is such a popular tourist destination – its cosmopolitan nature means anyone can feel at home there. Its wide range of attractions mean there is a week’s worth of sightseeing for any traveler. Plus there is the fact that it’s very much on the beaten track – so there are flights and accommodation to suit all pockets. And yet… does there come a point when you’ve had enough NYC?

For some people, that point may never come, but if you’ve had enough of huge crowds and … let’s call them “creative” tourist cab fares, you do have options. The Tri-State area around New York is home to other buzzing cities as well as some more exclusive hangouts.

So if your idea of a holiday is a break that reduces your stress levels, then you’re covered. If you want a day trip during a break in the city, or a longer break somewhere else, the following options may appeal to you.


Upstate New York: New Paltz

Skytop Tower, New Paltz
Source: http://www.wikimedia.org

If Frank Sinatra had decided to take a break from the city and enjoy some relaxation by the lake, maybe drunk men would now sing “New Paltz, New Paltz” at every karaoke night. This sleepy village in Ulster county makes for a wonderful getaway among scenery of the finest quality. The Mohonk Mountain House resort is a must-visit, whether you just want to gaze out over the plush surroundings or bond over ice-skating and boating trips.


New Jersey: Ocean City

Ocean City | Photo credit: Bruce Emmerling | Source: http://www.pixabay.com

Ocean City is the archetypal Tri-State family getaway. Generations of locals spend time sunbathing on the beach or enjoying the numerous theme parks. Alternatively, you could just take a couple of hours to make your way down the boardwalk. With attractions and views to draw your attention every few steps, it won’t be a wasted journey. Don’t forget to pick up some of their famous salt water taffy on your travels!


Connecticut: Greenwich

Near Greenwich, Connecticut
Photo credit: Phillip Capper | Source: http://www.flickr.com

Do you like Manhattan-style glamor and opulence, but find Manhattan-style crowds irritating? Then do what the smarter Manhattanites do and decamp to Greenwich, which has all the best labels and stylish eateries and none of the annoying things NYC tourists do, like take endless photos of Gossip Girl shooting locations. It’s a coastal location, too, so you can enjoy the spectacular harbor views while you’re here.


Pennsylvania: Pike County

Breaks Interstate Park | Source: http://www.wikimedia.org

Fans of geography will know that Pennsylvania is part of the Tri-State area, although fans of math will point out that that makes four states. No, we can’t explain that, or find anyone who can. Don’t worry about it! Instead, check out the Delaware Water Gap National Park. Despite the name, it is in Pennsylvania – and the beauty of Dingman’s Falls has to be seen to be believed.

One of America’s most cherished artists, Marie Zimmermann, moved from Brooklyn to live in Pike County. The farm on which she lived has become a tourist attraction, with its otherworldly architecture making it well worth the short trip from NYC.


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