Europe For Foodies: The Best Places For Drinking & Dining!

When returning from a trip abroad, often the marvelous meals that you ate while away are what you remember most. That’s why when it comes to booking your next trip, it’s worth taking the time to think carefully about whether the destinations on your travel bucket list will allow you to sample some of the world’s most incredible cuisine (and some delicious drinks). As well as giving you the opportunity to explore an exciting area, and relax and unwind from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Some people travel purely for the food, meaning that they select destinations simply because of the cuisine on offer. For anyone who loves food, enjoys cooking, and is passionate about trying out new ingredients and recipes, choosing a destination based on the food (and the drink) that’s available makes sense. Part of selecting a destination for its food is also about choosing somewhere that serves an amazing selection of drinks, because as a lot of foodies believe, it’s the drink that makes a meal. Whether that’s a locally brewed beer, a cocktail that’s recipe is a regional secret, or a wine made with grapes from nearby vineyards, all of the best foodie travel destinations serve an amazing selection of drinks.

With that in mind, where are the best places to drink and dine in Europe?


Bologna, Italy

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Known as ‘La Grassa’ by Italians, meaning ‘The Fat One’, Bologna is considered to be one of the best cities in Italy for food. Known for the range of food specialties that originated here, including parma ham, parmesan cheese, bolognese, and baloney and mortadella sausage, Bologna is a foodie’s paradise. Being an Italian city, the range of fresh pasta dishes and pizzas on offer here is, of course, second-to-none. Visitors will find the city teeming with street markets, food shops, and an array of restaurants and eateries. While its location close to a range of lakes, mountains, and rolling hills, along with its bustling city that’s packed full of elegant pieces of medieval scenery, ensures that aside from the drinking and dining that’s on offer, there is plenty to see and do here.


Athens, Greece

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Athens is said to serve some of the best Greek food in the country, which is what makes it such a hot spot for travelers with a passion for food. Renowned for its wide range of unique delicacies, Greece as a country serves some of the most delicious dishes in the world; from moussaka and gyros to stuffed vine leaves and hummus. Whether you prefer fine dining, revolutionized street food, or the vibrant flavours of the local taverners, Athens has something to offer every taste. Visitors will find the city packed full of incredible restaurants and eateries, as well as a selection of local bars serving the Greek delicacy that is Ouzo. Athens is a mix of heritage and edginess; it’s somewhere that has a lot to offer any traveler, which is why it’s somewhere Travel Stream, and other travel companies, have at the top of their travel destinations list. Mad about herbs, spices, and Mediterranean flavours? Then Athens is the perfect travel destination for you.


Lyon, France

Paris, Provence, and Nice might be France’s most popular travel destinations, but when it comes to food, they’ve got nothing on Lyon. To taste the country’s very best gastronomic cooking, Lyon is the place to go – or at least, that’s what all the top chefs say. Home to one of the world’s most incredible food markets – Les Halles, Lyon has a lot to offer any traveler with a passion for food and drink. Think creamy cheeses, delicious breads, cured meats, and an array of fish, among many other delicacies. France’s third largest city, Lyon offers visitors unique museums, a dynamic culture, and a bustling social scene, as well as some incredible food and drink.

These are, without a doubt, three of the very best places to drink and dine in Europe.



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