Catch Some Privacy on Vacation

Photo credit: Adam Kontor |

Vacations are awesome. (Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious.) But they also bring with them their own sorts of stresses. One of the reasons so many of us make time to go on a trip every so often is because we need to get away from it all. But what is “it”? For many, that “it” is the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you’re in your hometown it can be difficult to really unwind. There’s always some sort of responsibility that needs to be attended to. And why is that? Because of other people. If it wasn’t for other people, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about!

I’m not trying to turn you into a misanthrope, here. But it’s important to appreciate one of the best parts about any vacation: that you get to have more time to yourself (or you and your partner), without having to worry about the myriad responsibilities at home that people bug you about.

But vacations aren’t always the best way to really free yourself from other people, right? Unless you’re renting out an entire island to yourself, most people find that they have to deal with quite a lack of any true peace and quiet, or even privacy. So we’re going to take a quick look at the three areas that you might want to give some extra consideration in this context.



Hotels are certainly not havens of privacy. Yes, there are locks on the door, and yes, you can prevent staff members from coming in if you desire. But there’s still that knowledge gnawing away at you: there are plenty of people in the hotel who can access the room with master keys and the like. Stepping out of your room also means you’ll probably have to run into fellow travellers. If you want something a bit more private and quiet, you should probably consider renting an apartment for the vacation instead of relying on a hotel room. You might be able to find options that are cheaper than a hotel!



If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by others, then you need to consider your activities carefully. There are certain trips that sell themselves on the strength of the luxurious privacy you’ll get with them, such as yacht holidays. But many other activities available on holidays won’t come with this sort of alone time! Take care not to spend too much time at places that are going to be heaving with tourists. Take the time to explore some options off of the beaten track.


Driving is sometimes a stressful experience, but it can also be a calming one. There’s an undeniable satisfaction to getting in the car and closing and locking the doors. It’s the same sort of satisfaction people feel when they’re in bathrooms; you’re alone in these spaces in ways you’re not in other areas. It’s a small, locked space. But when you’re travelling, you generally have to rely on cabs and trains, which either require small talk or dealing with fellow commuters. Renting a car for the journey might be a great way to give yourself some more breathing room!


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