Stretch Out Your Traveling Budget

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Travel is one of the most worthwhile experiences anyone can have, but there’s one major downside to it: it can get extremely expensive! You probably have a list as long as your leg of destinations and landmarks you want to see, but if money’s tight, you may think you’ll have to forget about some of them. This isn’t necessarily the case! Read on for some of the best ways to make your travel budget go further.

Travel at the Right Time

Unless you’re planning to see a certain festival or show at your next destination, you can save a lot on traveling simply by going at the cheapest time. The price of flying varies depending on the date and time, sometimes with huge differences. There are various flight comparison websites and apps that can make finding the cheapest flights a total breeze. Aside from that, you can make pretty much any flight more affordable by getting familiar with the trends. Weekend flights are generally more expensive, as is accommodation, so plan for weekdays. You can also save a lot by flying during dining hours, or early in the morning, as these are less popular for the majority of travelers. Knock down the price of your flight, and you’ll be one step closer to a more flexible travel budget.

Save a Buffer for One Big Experience

There’s nothing worse than splurging your money too early when you’re in a foreign country. This is a pretty common problem, and it isn’t hard to see why! When you’re visiting a new country, there’s so much to see and do, and a lot of travelers will throw themselves right in, spending money on every tour and museum they come across. Then, halfway through their stay, they’re down to just enough money to feed themselves up to the flight home! We recommend planning ahead, and saving some money for one big experience. A bus ticket to a world-famous landmark, the fee for a boat rentals company, entry to a local festival. This will ensure you’ll have at least one potent memory to look back on after your trip, and won’t burn through your budget too early. Looking for affordable fillers around this experience is where the real adventure begins. Talk to the locals, and you’ll be sure to find something off the beaten track.

Eat Like the Locals

Basically, stay away from that big crowd of tourists. You’re going to be eating out here and there, and this can be a surprisingly big drain on your traveling budget. World-famous landmarks like the British Houses of Parliament, Time Square, and the Louvre, are always going to be surrounded by tourist traps. The restaurants you dine in here will have extortionate prices, which they know a lot of tourists will begrudgingly pay! Your best bet for saving on food is looking for the places the locals eat; street food kiosks, little cafes, and so on. Another way to eat like the locals is getting accommodation with cooking facilities, and doing a couple of runs to the local supermarket.


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