5 Common Travel Emergencies and How to Prevent Them

Most people take a long time to plan a trip. Trips abroad are usually the highlight of their summer or even a year and they want to enjoy them to the fullest extent. That’s why it’s such a shame when small (but preventable) emergencies come up and spoil the whole experience.

Most of the emergencies are pretty common and you need to include preparing for them in your plans. That way nothing can surprise you and you can enjoy your trip and relax.

Missed flights

This is one of the most dreaded emergencies and you should try to avoid it by packing and going to the airport on time. However, sometimes things don’t go as you’ve planned and flights get missed. When this happens, your first call should be to the airline, explaining what happened.


Most airlines have a policy (known as flat tire policy) that you get a seat on the next flight if you arrive less than two hours late – however, it’s best to check this with the airline when booking a flight. If not, rescheduling the flight should be free, but hotel expenses are on you.

Lost luggage

Losing a piece of luggage could be inconvenient or inconvenient and costly, depending on where they’ve lost it. The first thing to do is to report the loss the airport security – you need to file an official report which also serves as an insurance policy in case the airline needs to reimburse you for the value of the suitcase.


About two percent of luggage is lost forever and airlines won’t pay you back for jewelry, cash or any other valuables you might have in your suitcase, so simply don’t pack them. Carry the important documents and money on your person.

Dental problems

Dental problems are especially inconvenient when they appear on a trip. Depending on where you’re going you might need to deal with local dental care, which is often less than adequate. Even if you’re vacationing in a safe country with modern medical facilities – dental care might not be covered by your travel insurance.


These problems are usually made worse by air travel, especially if you have cavities, so it might be best to schedule an appointment with a dentist before the trip. With a dentist from Sydney, a check-up could be done in half an hour and you won’t have to worry about dental problems during the trip.

Losing an ID

Losing an ID could be a complicated issue if you’re traveling abroad because there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out, if you’re traveling domestically you shouldn’t experience too much inconvenience. If you haven’t left the country, the only one you need to notice is the local police, they will provide you with a document to use instead of an ID until you get a new one.


Abroad, however, the embassy needs to get involved and this is where having a digital copy of your passport could help you sort things out much faster.

Problems with the rental car

There are two types of problems you could have with a rental car and there’s a huge difference between them. The first is a mechanical problem and the other is a car crash.

Check the details of your insurance policy before you hit the road because a bad policy might leave you with the bill in case of the accident. All you can do is choose the rental company carefully and make sure you drive safely.


Be prepared for emergencies and take some time to think about all the possible outcomes and you’ll have a safer and more peaceful trip.


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