Ultimate White Water Rafting Destinations

Is your idea of a great holiday sitting in an inflatable raft and navigating your way down some rough water? Do you get an adrenaline rush from the teamwork and the challenge? If that sounds like you, then you are probably always on the lookout for a fresh body of water and a new challenge. Here are five awesome locations that let you and your friends take white water rafting to a whole new level.

River Padas white water rafting in Borneo

Try out Borneo tours that take in the Padas River, located in the interior of southwestern part of the country’s Kota Kinabalu region. The 9km of the muddy river will present you with seven exciting challenges such as the Merry-Go-Round Rapid and the Scooby Doo. The area is only accessible by train so you get a unique train ride, as well as meals and equipment.

Rivers Alsek and Tatshenshini white water rafting in Alaska and Canada

If you like the thought of spotting some glaciers and icebergs whilst you are rafting then this is the tour for you. Both rivers traverse the magnificent northern tundra wilderness where Alaska meets Canada. Along with some of the best white water on the planet, you get unforgettable wildlife including Grizzly Bears, Moose and Salmon.

River Salmon (middle fork) white water rafting in Idaho, USA

It is no surprise that this is one of the planet’s most loved white-water rafting rivers. It can offer you the complete experience right up to Class IV rapids for highly experienced rafter. You get to pit your skills against the river surrounded by alpine forests. This is the USA’s second largest roadless wilderness area. If you are lucky, you will spot a mother bear swimming across the river with her cubs.

River Magpie white water rafting in Canada

Another Canadian gem but this time in the eastern Quebec province. Even getting there is exciting. You need to reach the area by float plane which will land on Magpie Lake surrounded by pine forests. The first rapids that you encounter will be as soon as you leave the lake and they get more difficult as you descend the Magpie River. The ultimate challenge is the spectacular Magpie Falls. To complete the experience, you get to camp on river islands and catch a glimpse of the pulsating glory of the aurora borealis.

Río Upano white water rafting in Ecuador

Your route will start at the remote town of Macas located on the far western fringes of the Amazon Basin. The Rio Upano will throw everything at you from gentle rapids to thrilling rides. Negotiate your way through narrow canyons that slice their way through the rain forest. Above your head, you will see colorful toucans and iridescent butterflies. This is home to the Shuar people who may wish to visit. The highlight of your tour will be the Namangosa Gorge. If you dare to take on the Class IV rapids you will need to dodge the countless waterfalls plunging down the gorge’s sides.


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