The 5 Unmissable Islands Of Greece

Did you know there are about six thousand Greek Islands? Choosing just five of the best is tough! Of course, only two hundred and twenty or so are inhabited. Still, whittling it down further is a challenge. At least you know you’re going to get the very best of the best here. When you travel to Greece, you are probably looking for beaches, fascinating geology, great hospitality, clear waters, and amazing food. Here are some the best options that might hit the spot for you:


This beautiful place has a magnificent cove for sitting, relaxing, and watching. It’s quite sheltered here so only the sea breeze will save you when the heat hits max in July. The best thing to watch is the changing tides. They’re quite hypnotic, and unlike anything you might have seen before. Best of all, there are plenty of Greek people here enjoying their vacation, giving you a chance to learn more about the area.

Photo source: Pexels


This island is very popular due to its near perfection as a vacation destination. The Santorini villas are great accommodation choices as you can enjoy privacy and a touch of luxury at the same time. It is perhaps the island itself that gives you the most rewarding experience of your time here. The rock formations and different colored sands offer amazing photo opportunities. They’re a hard lesson in volcanic activity too! Beautiful and serene, at least off-season, Santorini is all you need for a great vacation.


Shipwreck Bay is one of the world’s best known beautiful beaches. This can make it somewhat busy with tourists at times. Still, you can’t beat the atmosphere of the place, or the sheer awe you’ll feel when you see it. Of course, the island offers so much more. There are mountains to the west that offer just the right amount of shade and breeze as you climb and explore. And who can resist the chance to see some turtles in the south-eastern corner of Gerakos?

Photo source: Pexels


This island might not be right for an overnight stay, but you’ll have plenty to see during the day. For all you history buffs out there, you can’t beat the ruins found on this World Heritage Site. You can see ancient theaters, statues, and buildings that seem to come alive with their own stories. Come here by boat to visit the mythological birthplace of Apollo.

Delos of Artemis and Apollo. Mykonos, Greece | Photo credit: Nagarjun Kandukuru


The island of music! Here you will be deeply immersed in Greek culture that harks back to traditions of generations. There are plenty of other things to do on this island as well, and the beaches and wildlife won’t disappoint. Are you seeking a truly inspiring lesson in Greek life, particularly family life? Then get involved with the live music events that happen almost every night here. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s so easy to fall in love with any of these Greek islands, but don’t forget there are six thousand others to enjoy too! The weather is most agreeable between May and September, but perhaps a little hot in July and August for some. Enjoy the welcome.


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