Every Traveler’s Survival Kit

In spite of some serious international tensions, ironically, it’s easier to travel the world now than ever before. If you plan on becoming a globetrotting pilgrim for business or pleasure (or both), there’s an array of accessible vehicles, ranging from cars and motorbikes, to mini vans, buses and, finally, airplanes. However, before you embark on this journey, there are some things you need to have by your side at all times, which everyone who “got around” a few times considers essential for every traveler’s survival kit.



The pillows on planes will do you no good – they are a synthetic formless mess. And when it comes to buses, the chances are you probably won’t even get one. No matter what form of travel you decide on, having a designated traveling pillow in your kit is a must. Since this little piece of comfort will be your constant companion throughout the journeys, don’t just buy the first one you see. It has to be a perfect fit for your head and neck so the “relationship” would last longer.

Suitcase padlock


You probably have a solid suitcase with a good lock, so this might sound like overkill. However, as I’ve learned from my own experience, adding an additional layer of protection to your suitcase will help ease your mind as you shuffle from one airport to the other. I’ve witnessed too many robberies that leave nothing but a broken suitcase shell behind, so in my opinion, there’s no such thing as too much protection.

USB battery

USB plugs have become ubiquitous all around the world. They have become such a commonplace, you’d be hard-pressed not to have one at your airplane seat. They are an invaluable commodity – as we are seeing a rise in USB battery packs which are, if you’ve traveled anywhere, a saving grace. These external batteries will recharge your mobile devices in no time, as USB ports in planes and other establishments can be pretty slow.



Wherever you plan on going, never forget to bring a pair of sunglasses. You are bound to suffer from a lack of sleep during the traveling, which can lead to additional eye strain when going out on a sunny day (or a cloudy day with white clouds covering everything, which, actually, makes the situation even worse). The UV protection that the sunglasses provide is an important asset to your lifestyle, anytime, anywhere.



We tend to forget how important moisturizers are until the time comes when we need them most. A good cream that will keep your skin hydrated simply has to be a part of your survival kit. If you can, add a sunscreen to the mix and make sure it’s a well-known brand that guarantees quality. If you think you might not need the sunscreen for whatever the reason, think again. It’s an important asset to your health, especially during a sunny trip.



Traveling often comes with some turbulence (be it a rocky road or a stormy weather) and a lot of noise. Sometimes, this noise can become quite overwhelming and you need something to help you deal with it. A good pair of AKG Australia headphones, a perfect fit for traveling, will make you feel properly isolated. Having a phone filled with your favorite music, albums and podcasts, and the right headphones for enjoying all of the above, the traveling time is bound to fly by.


Headaches are a pretty big nuisance whenever they happen and with the additional mental exhaustion from planning the trip, there’s a great chance that a headache will occur at least once. For occasions such as these, you will need a bottle of aspirin to help you deal with the pain so you can keep enjoying your trip. Of course, aspirin is only a suggestion – I know a lot of people that need something stronger or a completely different type of painkiller like ibuprofen or paracetamol. These are all viable options.

Traveling is about enjoyment and experience but it’s also about being prepared. With the aforementioned things and trinkets in your survival kit, you will cover the most basic potential issues that can turn into a real hindrance. From there on, you can add extra trinkets to your kit based on your needs and sensibilities – from your Swiss Army knife to mosquito spray and an emergency bathing suit. It’s all up to you. Stay safe and try to be as spontaneous as you can.


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