Top Travel Spots For Cultural Experiences

Traveling means something different to all those who do it. Some travel with their family to the coast to simply have a weekend of relaxation of bonding. Some people travel alone to distant lands in order to experience new cultures and learn things about the way in which the world works. Some people find a happy balance of the two. Whatever your preference, if you’re looking for cultural spots to visit with the family or on a solo adventure then the following suggestions might just inspire you.

A Canadian City

Cityscape of a Canadian City | Source : Pexels



Canada is like America’s calmer brother. The people may speak the same language, but don’t let that deceive you. This is its own country, and it has its own beautiful charms. There’s a lot to do in the manmade areas, but it’s the incredible natural sights which should captivate your heart and mind. The Canadian Rockies, in particular, are a site of astounding beauty. It’s really something that has to be seen with your own two eyes in order to be fully appreciated. Of course, whilst there may seem to be more nature than culture, that doesn’t diminish the power of Canada’s history. You should definitely visit some museums in the major cities such as Toronto whilst you’re there.



This is such a huge country that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin in terms of exploring the rich and diverse culture spread across this hugely diverse land. Starting with a major city such as Hong Kong might seem a little too mainstream, but it’s a fascinating place in itself given that it’s an autonomous region of China. It may look like a city on the surface, but it’s an intriguing location boasting its own unique infrastructure. You could stay at the Hong Kong North Point Hotel for a few nights and experience the city in the heart of it all. The Hong Kong Museum of History is an excellent place to start to get a real feel for the deep and sometimes dark history which surrounds the place in which you’ll find yourself.


New Zealand

Everybody knows that this country is stunning and spectacular. If you’re a fan of films such as Lord of the Rings then you’ll have ogled at most of the stunning natural beauty already. However, seeing it for yourself is something else altogether. Starting with the incredible wine trail is definitely the way to experience the perfect blend of nature and man-made accomplishment whilst you’re there. Start in Napier and head down the North Islands until you end up in Blenheim. You can thank me later.

Lisbon, Portugal | Source: Pexels


This is a wonderful place for your travels to end (or start, depending on how many places you can afford to visit in terms of both money and time). Explore the cities of Lisbon and Porto because they have so much to offer in terms of teaching one the history of this intriguing and exciting country. Europe as a whole can offer one big history lesson, but even cherry-picking the specific history of Portugal as a country is a rich and exciting experience.


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