Four Honeymoon Destinations for the Couple Who Want Something Different

The words ‘fairytale’ and ‘perfect’ attach themselves all too easily to a certain kind of destination wedding and honeymoon. You know the type: sandy beach, perfect crystal waters, and – in all likelihood – cocktails served to your bedside. It’s not that this is a bad way to do things, as such – but it has reached the point of cliché by now.

The truth, anyway, is that ‘fairytale’ means something different for everyone. The beach wedding will work for some, and that’s great – however, it does tend to shoehorn anyone who wants a destination wedding into the same category.

What if the sunny beach isn’t your thing? Where do you find your paradise if your tastes are a little more eclectic? More than anything, a destination wedding – and the honeymoon it turns into – should reflect the happy couple. That’s what’s most important, and so if you’re thinking of those perfect nuptials abroad but beaches aren’t for you, you’ll need some alternatives.

If You Prefer The Gourmet Way; France Is For You

Avignon’s Papal PalaceFor couples united by a love of food, it is hard to beat France as a destination. Pretty much anywhere you choose will be close to a centre of gastronomic excellence. Give Paris a swerve, however – you won’t be able to move for couples who have had the same idea.

Instead, it’s worth heading to Provence in the south. Finding a venue won’t be hard, and then you have your choice of excellent gastro tours for the honeymoon – Avignon is particularly highly recommended.

If You Want To Be Alone; Choose Australia

Many destination wedding getaways have one thing in common; you often feel like you’re being processed and moved on, so the next couple can be brought in. It’s not exactly romantic.

Australia, famous for having a lot of space to spare, has the answer to this conundrum for both overseas visitors and Australians themselves. To take advantage, consider various Queensland honeymoon packages that will allow you to have the wedding and then take yourselves off to a secluded rainforest getaway, complete with total privacy. This means that the perfect love bubble can stay intact, from the moment you arrive to the moment you regretfully leave.

If You Appreciate Adventure; It’s Got To Be Cambodia

It could be argued that love, in and of itself, is adventure enough. Many couples, however, are united by a love of so-called “white knuckle” experiences, and will find the stereotypical destination wedding more than a little boring. There’s no risk of this, however, if you choose Cambodia for your wedding break.

The stunning highs, dizzying drops, and sheer off-the-beaten track wonder of Angkor Wat will have you holding on to one another even tighter than the average couple. This will make downtime at the hotel all the more special.

If You Live For Scenery; Croatia Is Top Of The Tree

Let’s get one statement out of the way: you know true beauty, because you see it every time you look at your bride or groom. Okay, now we’ve agreed on that, we can all move on to appreciating the breathtaking views of Croatia and, in particular, Dubrovnik. It’s possibly Europe’s most stunning city – against some steep competition – and a hotel room overlooking the bay is the perfect place to begin your married life.

So for the couples who want to take a walk on a different side with their destination wedding, you should now have a few ideas to get you started!



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