Driving on the Great Ocean Road

Do you like dynamic holidays? Are you Interested in visiting historical sites or grand cities? Do you also enjoy natural wonders?

If you are in Australia, you are in luck as you can always drive on the Great Ocean Road! It can be the most interesting holiday experience of your life. You can go on this road trip during any time of the year, no matter the season.

Open road adventure

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is one of the most captivating routes stretching for 243 km (151 miles). It takes about  9 and a half hours to finish it by car. It gives the driver the opportunity to enjoy the scenery. Even if you have trouble with your car you can call a mobile mechanic, who will rush to help you so that you can continue your adventure.

There are also people who prefer to walk. Some people do motorcycle tours. Not to worry, there are plenty of places along the road where you can get food, rest or buy whatever you need.

So, let’s hit the road…



Driving out from Melbourne, you arrive at Torquay, which is the official starting point for the Road. This beautiful city is known as the ‘Surf capital of Australia’ and if you like this sort of activity – and you are an experienced surfer – bring your surfboard with you and make sure you visit the famous Bells Beach. The waves will not disappoint. For the less adventurous, the cliff is breathtaking and worth of a couple of shots.


This beautiful resort town will give you an opportunity to relax and spend some quality time visiting galleries and boutiques. If you have chosen to visit in fall, you can aim for the Falls Music and Arts Festival or, if you are visiting in March, Lorne Sculpture Biennale.

Lorne is also the place where you can learn about the history of Great Ocean Road, the world’s biggest war memorial.

Take a swim in its sparkling water or go fishing. You can also visit the Great Otway National Park and be amazed by its ancient forest and dazzling waterfalls. There is something for everyone.

The Twelve Apostles and London Arch

The Twelve Apostles

These two are considered to be the biggest attractions of the Great Ocean Road and their proximity to one another as well as to the Port Campbell National Park attracts more and more visitors every year.

The Twelve Apostles, great limestone stacks, are truly a sight that merits a visit, no matter if it is your first or 7th time taking the Road. Besides being awe-inspiring monuments of nature, these beautiful formations are disappearing, one by one, so make sure you check out the seven remaining ones before it’s too late.

London Arch (formerly London Bridge) is another monument of nature that you should definitely visit during your drive. It has also eroded and the part connecting it to the coast has sunk so take the time to get out of your car and enjoy the sight. It is especially pleasant during sunset.


Following the road, you will come to the beautiful historic town of Portland. Spend your time watching the fisherman or drive to the Cape Nelson Lighthouse where you can learn more about the region’s nautical history on one of the guided tours or just enjoy the breathtaking view of the Capes. You might even catch a glimpse of whales too.

Naracoorte Caves

If you feel like exploring, do not miss the chance to visit this national park close to Port Elliot. There are four caves that are open for both guided as well as self-guided tours, for the more daring. If you want to try some adventure caving, this is the right place for you.

Granite Island

Granite Island

If you take the charming horse-tramway from Port Elliot to Granite Island, you can see the colony of penguins enjoying the sun. Yes, penguins. This island has no human residents so a colony of small penguins (or ‘fairy penguins’) has decided to inhabit it. Do not miss it.

These are just some of the destination you should consider visiting. You can take more time and visit them all. You can take even more time and visit places that are not mentioned here, or you can just go for the ones you like best.

Great Ocean Road awaits, so, get into your car. And watch out for kangaroos that might be crossing the road!



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