September Travel Tips – Best Places and Essentials

September is the time of great deals for all the fellow travelers, but unfortunately it coincides with a  back-to-school season, so many families never consider this time as a travelling opportunity. However, families with small children who are still not in school don’t really have to worry about whether it is the time to travel or not – so make sure you use all the benefits of traveling September has to offer.

Of course, for some, travelling in September can be tricky. In some countries, this month is the beginning of fall, in some countries it is the beginning of spring, while in some it is just the fourth month of summer. Opt for a certain destination depending on your weather preferences, and make sure you bring all the essential items mentioned in this article. Grab your Go-Pro and hit the road! Enjoy the adventure!


Even though European cities get a little bit chillier during this time, Paris is the one that comes back to life when its locals get back to work. September is the time when all the shops are filled with the most fashionable garments and many great new openings are happening such as Ritz, which makes it the perfect time to visit this amazing city.

This is a great city for food and walk lovers – you definitely won’t gain any weight from all those jambon-fromage sandwiches if you participate in one of those culinary walking tours. Also, even though it may seem as a pretty expensive city, note that there are some wonderful hotels to stay at, that will suit any budget.

Since Paris is all about fashion, and walking around the streets and museums in your cocktail dress, you have to make sure you all are packed with fancy garments. Mommies shouldn’t leave the hotel without their classic pumps and a trench coat and dads without their loafers and a blazer. Also, you have to make some room in your suitcase for some stylish dresses for girls and shirts and sweaters for boys. Take over the streets of Paris the family way.



Filled with countless archaeological sites and museums, Greece is the country whose visitors can really feel the beauty of ancient history at every single corner. Also, Greece is the home of western civilization and democracy, which gives it another gold star when speaking of educational vacations. Make sure you spend at least three days in Athens, where you have it all – great food, friendly locals and ancient ruins.

When it comes to essentials, your wardrobe should be summer-oriented, because the climate is sunny and warm from April till October. In other words, make some room for those bathing suits and sunscreen.

Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico City is amazing throughout the whole year, but September weather is perfect for those who want to explore a little bit. Here, there is so much more than just Pujol, Quintonil, and Biko, which are among the best restaurants in the entire world. There are a budding fashion scene and astonishing art, such as Frida Kahlo’s home. When it comes to hotels, you will notice that they are mostly new and surprisingly cheap.

Make sure you bring your most comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot – especially between shops and markets. Also, since temperatures will mostly be around 22 degrees, make sure you bring different types of clothing – from shorts to denim jackets.

Queenstown, New Zealand


If you are into skiing, bungee jumping, jet boating or any other extreme activity – Queenstown is a place for you. Not only can you relish the adrenaline rush, but you can also enjoy mind-blowing sceneries and super delicious food, such as their internationally famous Fergburger.

Temperatures will go pretty low in September, so make sure you all have your winter jackets, ski pants, hats and gloves.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is no better time to visit Amsterdam than September. Besides enjoying the pleasant post-summer weather, you will also enjoy the perks of the almost finished tourist rush season. The crowds are way thinner and you’ll have no trouble finding a place at the best hotels. Also, travel costs are going to be much lower.


You can enjoy various events and festivals in September, such as Amsterdam fringe festival that lasts 10 days and has over 80 performances, Draaiorgel Festival – the festival of their traditional barrel organs at Dam Square, a 5D festival where you can enjoy a combination of music, theater, workshops, food etc. Netherlands Theater Festival and Open Monumentendag where the public is free to explore the historic premises of Amsterdam.

Since temperatures probably won’t go over 19 degrees Celsius, make sure you bring your jackets, jeans and boots.

How do you like these destinations? Will you visit any of them this September? Let us know.


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