How to Seize the Day in Melbourne

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Melbourne is such an interesting and lively city that offers so many activities, shopping opportunities, amazing restaurants and bars and many beautiful sites you’ll enjoy. It’s a bit hard to cram all of these into one day. But, if time is not your ally and you must leave the city soon, here’s how you can spend a perfect day in Melbourne.

Have a quick pick-me-up

There’s no better way to start the day than by grabbing a delicious cup of coffee. Melbourne is famous for its huge coffee scene and it’s what keeps this city so energetic all the time. Check out the area around Flinders Street Station near the Yarra River that has an abundance of places where you can grab a Cup of Joe. If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’ll love the start of your day, and if you’re not so big on this magic potion, you’ll still want to give it a shot.  

Don’t miss the art

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Just like coffee, art plays a huge role in Melbourne’s culture, and it’s probably the best place in whole Australia to enjoy some art. So, make sure to leave at least an hour of your time for exploring the National Gallery of Victoria. Entry to the gallery is free, and it offers a great mix of art and exhibits from ancient Egypt to post-modern impressionism. Once you’ve had a healthy dose of art, you can continue your tour with some more common activities, such as shopping and food.

Splurge some money

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While you’re still on the south side of the river, you must do some shopping. Chapel St. is known for its many vintage stores, international brands, and local designers, as well as plenty of top-notch restaurants and bars. You can grab a great snack or a light lunch at Chapel St. shopping centre in South Yarra where you can get super healthy sandwiches, fast food, and sushi, and try some amazing desserts that will not ruin your diet. It’s a must for everyone who loves an organic bite. Once you are done with your shopping and eating, you can head back to the north side of the river for some more exploring.

Enjoy some great architecture



Another great way to get to know a city is to take a look at its architecture. Probably the best example of this art form is St. Paul’s cathedral. Even if you’re neither a huge architecture fan nor a religious person, you’ll still surely enjoy the beauty of this structure. It’s impressive both outside and inside, and its Gothic design and that church-like aura of peace will be a nice break from the noise and overwhelming sights of Melbourne. Once you’re ready to return to the hustle and bustle of the city, you can take the City Circle Tram, check out the State Parliament House and head right to the State Library.

People-watch while you relax

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Hanging out at the State Library is another great way to further get to know this amazing city and spend the afternoon. Sit on the steps, enjoy the weather and simply take some time to soak up the atmosphere. One of the most important things about Melbourne is its people, so don’t leave this city until you’ve seen enough of them.

Enjoy the evening stroll along the river



The evening is a great time for a relaxing stroll along the Yarra River. After your legs get tired and your stomach starts to rumble, you can end the day with a nice dinner. The waterfront offers an unforgettable food experience from gourmet meals to some budget options, and it’s a perfect way to end the day.

Once you’re experienced all that Melbourne has to offer, you can go back to your hotel, scroll through the photos you’ve taken, and dream about this amazing city.



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