Tips on Preparing the Budget for Your Next Getaway

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Holiday, vacation, getaway, trip…… Whatever the name, we all love them! Getaways provide us with a precious break from our daily routines and a well-deserved rest. However, these pleasures rarely come for free. Surely, it’s nobody’s idea of fun to spend your trip constantly counting your pennies and worrying about your budget. A good trip starts with good planning and organisation. To ensure you can be carefree and enjoy every minute of your vacation time, follow these tips on how to stay on the budget on your next getaway.

Timely planning

By booking your tickets and accommodation early, you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and worry. The earlier you start, the better the chances to get good deals on prices, especially if you use comparison sites. The offer is quite large if you start searching early before your trip, while if you leave it for the last minute, your choice becomes much more limited.

Moreover, consider shaping your total cost calculation based on these three things: your destination, mode of transport and activities once you arrive. For example, flying to an exotic island might cost you a small fortune, but you’ll be able to save on low hotel and restaurant prices there. If your budget is really tight, make your plans so that all of these things balance off nicely.


Daily cash spending

Great budget planning means less worry and more fun once you arrive. It’s very easy to overstep one’s boundaries when on holiday. Everything is inviting and tempting: great restaurants, delicious food, handmade jewellery and wardrobe etc. Unforeseen expenses will simply melt away your budget and you’ll end up miserable and broke. One way to control yourself and the situation is to set a strict daily allowance for food, drinks and fun, by packing money in envelopes for each day. You can keep them in the hotel safe and every day, use only one. Your credit card should also be kept in the safe, for emergencies only.

Another great help is budgeting your meals and activities through online search: browse through local websites and find best deals such as happy hours, discounts, “kids eat for free”, half-price offers etc.

If you know beforehand that a local celebration, a festival or an exotic excursion that you must be a part of will be held, consider getting fast loans so you don’t miss out. This can greatly aid your budget and the application is usually completed very quickly online.

Money exchange

Keep in mind that you can get the best exchange rates at your destination. It’s also best to go to a bank’s ATM since commercial exchange offices usually charge higher rates.


In addition, don’t forget to inform your bank and credit card provider of your foreign trip plans so they don’t interpret your foreign charges as fraud and block your accounts. Also, make sure you find out about their transaction fees abroad. Some banks charge fees every time you use your card and this can build up a lot of extra charges at the end of your trip.

Local life

Connecting with the locals is also a great idea. You’ll be able to learn a lot about the local culture, language, customs and community, plus you’ll also find out about how locals go about their day and where the best deals are. Ask for recommendations for inexpensive cafes and restaurants, cheap but reliable rentals, best street food stands and much more. This will not only save you money, but it will also give you a real taste of the local cuisine and lifestyle.

Managing your travel budget well and playing your cards right will make the dream of a fabulous getaway a reality. If travel is your passion, a couple of compromises, some flexibility and wise decisions will get your closer to the travel experience you crave for.



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