Dances Around the World


For thousands of years, dance has been a constant occurrence, helping people express their feelings, claim status or empower themselves. But, over time, dancing changed and evolved, embracing and discarding rules along the way. Dancing branched into a million different genres and styles, which spread across the world. Let’s take a tour and see some of the most iconic dances of different cultures.

Tango in Argentina


Before tango was brought to the courts of Europe, where it evolved into a stiff, sharp staple of standard dances, it looked entirely different. The style now known as Argentine tango is a conversation of two souls. It might take a long time to get a hang of it, because it is not a choreographed dance, but once you master leading or following, you will be dancing the night away.

Belly dance in the Middle East

The dance known worldwide as a sensual, empowering dance stems from the Middle East, but is practiced today in almost every corner of the world. It is famous for its snake-like movements, intricate hip contortions and mystical style. It is traditionally performed solo and exclusively by women.


Step dance in Ireland

You will have to look twice to see just how wonderfully fast the dancers’ feet are moving. Step dancing is a type of dance where the main emphasis is on the lower part of the body, that combines intricate movement and rhythm to create intricate choreography. The thing that sets it apart from so many other dances in the world is that it creates its own music and beat, and a group of dancers tapping in unison can literally sound like a orchestra.

Viennese waltz in Austria

Considered by many the parent of all standard dances performed today, the Viennese waltz is the synonym of elegance and grace. The unique rhythm it follows makes it easily recognizable and it is considered a must-know for anyone who wants to get serious about dancing. But don’t be fooled, the seemingly simple dance requires a lot of stamina and coordination!


Modern dance of Australia

Australia has yielded some of today’s biggest modern dance stars, and it’s no wonder. Australian dance roots have tribal origins, combining music, movement and strength, very similar to today’s hip-hop or street dance. And if you think that this dance is meant for the younger population, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can enroll in amazing dance classes for adults and give it a try, no matter your age!

Ballet in Italy

alexandre-tsuchiya-333897 (1)


The most classic, pure form of dance that we all know very well, ballet has its origins in Italy. However, today, the most popular schools can be found across Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA. It requires years of practice to perfect the techniques and constant training to stay in shape, and ready to take the stage with the newest production, or a classical solo.

Swing in the USA

A playful, fun dance that warms hearts of musicians, dancers and the audience alike. To be able to do the swing right, one must completely let go and allow their partner to lead, while the other one needs to clearly give commands, invisible to the audience, in order to perform a flawless routine. The best part of the swing is that high-end competitions don’t look much different from a regular Saturday night at a bar, which speaks volumes about the casual, fun atmosphere the dance brings.

No matter which style you choose to express yourself with, make sure that you are dancing with your whole heart, and your feet will simply follow.


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