Eat Your Way through NYC


NYC is said to be the capital of the world. With more than 8 million people residing there, it has become the center of fashion, show business and marketing. All of those 8 million people have to eat, so it’s no wonder that this city provides its citizens with a plethora of choices for eating out. In NYC, it’s not impossible to grab something to eat when you’re in the mood for Mexican, Chinese or even Pakistani food – you can find everything that you can possibly think of. The only thing that many of them (and us) don’t know is where to actually eat. What’s good, what’s bad, what’s good value for money? Take a look at this list to discover.

NYC pizza


We all remember Joey Tribbiani from Friends eating two pizzas almost every episode. And that was for a good reason – NYC is considered to be a pizza city, with excellent pizza places on every corner. Apart from the regular NYC-style pizzas, Margheritas and Capricciosas are also quite popular here, but where to go? One of the best pizza places in the whole city is “Speedy Romeo” – the best place to have a St. Louis-like pizza. They make them with ultra-thin and crispy crust, topped with the city’s extraordinary Provel cheese, so if you ever find yourself in New York, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try it. If you want a retro style pizza, check out “Di Fara” – a place that’s been making amazing pizzas since 1964. They make every pizza by hand, and all of the ingredients are imported from Italy.

Bagels and pastramis


Ok, these two staple NYC foods are definitely a must when visiting New York City. Even though you can find bagels literally anywhere in the city, even at the chain restaurants and supermarkets, knowing which one to get in New York is very important. Even though they were firstly introduced as an appetizer, nowadays, it is a very popular morning ritual. Some of the best ones can be found at “Bagel Hole” or “Sadelle’s”. There are also pastramis – a type of food that was originally brought to NYC by Jewish immigrants from Romania in the 19th century. Since then, they have found their way to the hearts of the residents, which is why the competition for pastramis is very rough. Some of the best ones can be found at “Ben’s Best”, “2nd Ave Deli” and “Katz Delicatessen”. If you’re having one at a Kosher deli, bring a friend since the portions are huge.



Even though the steak is not a typical NYC dish, we all love having a good one, so what if we crave for a good steak while in NYC? Without further ado, the best place for getting an excellent steak is definitely the “Peter Luger” steak house. It was established in 1887 and since then, it has been the place where you can eat the best meat in this part of the USA. In 1984, it was rated as the top-notch steakhouse in New York, and even earned a Michelin star. What is very important is that they spend a lot of time in the food selection process, so we’re pretty confident about the quality of the beef we’re eating. If you sit there, order a steak and have a beer, you’ll definitely have a unique NYC experience.

Bars and Cocktails


It’s not food per se, but we all love some alcohol after a good dinner. So, if you find yourself close to the best cocktail bar in NYC, “The Dead Rabbit” in Manhattan, make sure to check it out. They offer a variety of different cocktails and homemade drinks, such as their signature drink – the punch. Also, in Manhattan (and also very close to the previously mentioned one), “BlackTail” is a cocktail bar that has an amazing interior, so if you pair that with excellent cocktails they offer, you’ll definitely get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sit there, order something from the 50-page-long menu, and enjoy. However, if you ever crash a NYC party, you have to make sure it’s one that it’s catered by the best cocktail catering company. “Alchemiq” is a company that pays extra attention to the mixology of finger food and cocktails, and their parties are by far the tastiest and most original when it comes to food and beverage.

Asian food


Asian food is also something that has become a classic, and sometimes it’s difficult to find one that’s good. So, if you’re wandering around NYC trying to grab something Eastern to eat, try to see if “Asiate” is close to you because that’s the best Asian food restaurant in the whole city. It might be a bit more expensive, but the food and the view from the restaurant are definitely worth the money. If you want something a bit cheaper, try “Talde” or “Momofuku Nishi”.

People from New York know how to party and most certainly know how and where to eat. If you’re going there, make sure to stop, at least, at one of these places. You won’t regret it.


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