Advice for the Beginners in Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb hosts face many challenges today, but they can also gain many benefits. Just like with any service business, challenges are mostly related to the people – both customers and hosts, but the Airbnb online system is becoming more sophisticated and it is increasingly harder to flip and fraud. This is quite secure and reassuring for all of those who are interested in doing business via Airbnb. For those of you who are not yet full-fledged hosts, but are seriously considering trying your luck in this service business, here is some useful advice for the beginners in Airbnb hosting.

Find a niche

Before you begin a major interior overhaul, you need to identify your type of guests. It begins with sitting at your desk, with a pen and paper in front of you, and noting down the traits that may determine the clientele and the general appearance of your interior. You do not have to be too specific – after all, there is a greater chance you will have a greater turn-around if you set up your extra home for families, newlywed couples, business travelers, but you can also decide to make more attractive for vintage loving hipsters, backpackers on a budget or party-maniacs.


Decorate accordingly

Now that you have found a niche you need to decorate accordingly. Remember, you do not have to spend money on new stuff – you and your family probably own extra stuff nobody knows where it is or how to use it. This pile of stuff can be a real gold mine – vintage sofas, rustic armchairs, disco balls, forgotten oil paintings, etc. At least 40% of the interior can be refurbished with collected stuff. If you really need to buy something new, just try to be consistent in terms of the style and color palette you already have. In spite of that, always be on a lookout to save some money. For example, you can purchase high-quality rugs or purchase reclaimed material and have new stuff made out of it.


Fast, free and professional

When you decide to get started, you need to go on the and list your space. Create an account and fill out the form with general criteria – from home type to room type, amenities, calendar, pricing, and general information so you can be held accountable (do not worry, it goes both ways when it comes to clients). Additionally, Airbnb will offer services of a free professional photographer. This is an opportunity you should not skip – as these photographers have previous experience and they generally know what they are doing. They will make the best out of your space and it will look very attractive on your homepage.

Start with less

Do a thorough research of the Airbnb market and focus on your region. Create an aggregate of prices and settle on a lower price for your own space if you are a beginner without any reviews or previous experience. This increases your chances of sparking the clients’ interest in your accommodation. Just make sure not to charge too little as you need to return what you have invested as fast as you can. You need to build up your pool of customers and make sure the reviews are coming in at a reasonably quick pace.


As far as reviews go

Here is a very important advice for you – do not be afraid to ask for a review. If you have found a niche and decorated accordingly, there is no reason your clients should not like what you offer. As a beginner, you need to elbow your way into the local market and in order to achieve this, potential clientele needs to see you as reliable. Therefore, if your first clients show enthusiasm, it is not unreasonable to ask them for a positive review.

If you are sitting on an extra real estate of any kind – be it an apartment or a house – do not let it go to waste. If you play your cards right and get into Airbnb hosting business with all the right tips and advice under your belt, you are sitting on a potential gold mine of opportunities. If you are dedicated enough, Airbnb hosting can even turn into the main source of income for your entire family.


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