5 Benefits Of Solo Travelling and Why You Should Give It A Go: Adam James

The thought of travelling alone can be quite daunting. It’s quite literally taking a step into the unknown and seeing where it takes you. According to Booking.com – almost 13,000 people who travelled alone found that it inspired them to make life-changing decisions such as changing their career, living somewhere new and even evaluate their own relationships.

It’s natural that concerns may arise when you’re travelling alone – “What do I do if I’m caught up in an unsafe environment?”, “What if I get lonely?” and whilst these are highly normal and valid concerns, it’s these questions that should inspire you to take the plunge into the world of solo travel.

Having a companion is all good and well, but the alone time you spend in an entirely new place can be seen as a far more valuable experience, especially as you don’t have the issue of compromising based on your companion’s needs.

It gives you a confidence boost

  1. Travelling solo is all about taking yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s also all about the experience at large and what it can teach you. You cannot simply rely on someone to ask locals a question; you have to do things for yourself.
  2. You’ll be more inclined to talk to strangers, make new connections and allows you to make use of these newfound communication skills when you return to your home country.

It gives you people skills you’ve never had before

  1. It will also help you spot trouble from a distance. By travelling solo you’re very likely to come across fellow travellers who have embarked on a similar voyage to yourself. This allows you to form a bond with someone you’d never have met if you hadn’t taken the plunge into solo travelling in the first place.

It’s the perfect process for self-discovery

  1. Perhaps you’re shy by nature, but to coincide with our first point about confidence – it can reinvent you as a person. You’ll discover how confident you really are, what situations you can throw yourself into (and come out of unscathed).
  2. You can become the person you’ve wanted to be – an explorer, photographer or conversationalist. Travelling solo makes you realise the world is your oyster.
  3. It will help you discover what’s most important in your life – maybe your job isn’t quite the dream you hoped for and quite frankly – you don’t need to worry about what time or day it is. You’re free to be you and not worry about what your co-worker is doing on the weekend.

It teaches you self-reliance and independence

  1. Travelling alone means you don’t have the luxury (or need) to depend on someone else to determine your schedule for the day. You have no one else to depend on (or blame!) if you get lost or simply want to see something that truly interests you without compromise.
  2. Being in a position of knowing which train or bus to catch keeps you vigilant and allows you to get to know the place even more.

It gives you freedom and no judgement

  1. You won’t have someone stopping you going out for a drink or having yet another delicious local delicacy. Travelling solo means you have the freedom to do as you please without someone holding you back or questioning your decisions.

About the author

Adam is a Marketing Executive for Premier Parking Gatwick – an airport parking service for passengers flying from Gatwick Airport, London. They provide long stay, short stay and valet services for you and your car whilst you sit back and relax during your travels.



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