How to Deal With Dental Problems on the Road

Toothaches can cause a lot of discomfort, but if they happen while you’re travelling, they can be even more stressful for you. Being in a foreign country or just far away from home and your dentist adds to the whole misery, and will turn your dream trip into a real nightmare. However, nothing is as bad as it seems, because you can do a few things that will lessen the pain of a nasty toothache, or help you avoid the dental problem altogether.

Common toothache causes

Dental treatments that take a certain amount of time for a tooth to heal properly can be one of the causes of toothache on the road. If you’ve had a root canal procedure, or had your tooth crown repaired, you may experience some discomfort on the trip if you travel a day or two after. Flying can also cause severe tooth pain, because of the difference in air pressure inside your body and the airplane. Air pressure changes frequently while you’re flying on the plane, and if you’ve had a dental procedure or if you have tooth decay, you will most likely experience some discomfort.

What to do in case of an emergency

If you face a toothache on your trip, you can deal with it in several ways. Use warm water to rinse your mouth. Using dental floss, you can gently clean your teeth and make sure there’s no food caught between them. However, you should bear in mind that even though you’re experiencing pain, you shouldn’t put aspirin or any other painkiller near the aching tooth, because it can cause serious damage to your gums. If you end up with a broken tooth, a cool compress should reduce the swelling, but there’s not much you can do about it yourself, so make sure you schedule an appointment at the nearest dental office.


If you happen to be anywhere near Melbourne, you can easily schedule your appointment at The Dental Room and have your tooth fixed quickly and with great care. If you end up with a knocked out tooth by any chance, try to find the nearest dentist and have it implanted as soon as possible. Keeping the tooth in a solution made especially for preserving teeth will increase its survival rate, in case you can’t find a dentist that quickly.

An ounce of prevention

It’s always a good idea to do all the necessary health check-ups before you go on a trip. This means you should go to the dentist’s and have a full check-up, a cleaning and all the dental work that will ensure you pain-free travel. Make sure you know whether the destination you’re about to visit has good dental specialists, in case you need an emergency intervention. Immunization against Hepatitis B is recommended in case you’re travelling to a lesser-developed country. You should be safe visiting any doctor in those countries in the case that you are properly vaccinated, so make sure you schedule your vaccination even a few months ahead of the trip, because it will include a series of shots. Avoid chewing hard candy, popcorn kernels, or ice cubes, and don’t use your teeth to cut tape or open small bags of snacks.

Teeth problems can seriously ruin your long-expected trip, so it’s essential that you take good care of your oral hygiene. Keep your mouth clean and bacteria free by brushing, flossing and rinsing regularly. Checking up with your dentist is vital for healthy teeth, so make sure you visit them on a monthly basis and avoid facing dental problems on the road. It’s much better to detect a small cavity while you don’t have any pain than waiting for a severe toothache to schedule an appointment.


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