Best Surfing Spots North of Sydney

central coast australia

Australia is a paradise for surfers all around the world and many people travel there specifically for that reason. There are many great spots all around the coast and definitely something for everyone. And if you want to combine staying in Sydney and some sightseeing, but also want to hit the waves, then you should look north and do a bus hire to Central Coast to meet the waves.

  • Shelly Beach

With good waves on both ends, Shelly beach is one of the few beaches in the Central Coast that is suitable for inexperienced surfers and even those still learning. It has good waves from either side and on both ends.

  • Crackneck

Going from the easiest to one of the hardest places to surf, Crackneck carries that name for a reason. Experienced surfers struggle in the best of conditions, as it breaks over a shallow reef. You can access it from the Blue Lagoon and catch some left hand breaks.

  • Avoca beach

If you want something that is stable and consistent, then Avoca beach is the right place for you. It provides great peaks in many swell directions. You’ll see a lot of talent there, so depending on when you go, it might get a bit too crowded for your liking. The main attraction is The Point, a hollow that only the skillful can take on, since it breaks very close to the rocks.


  • Terrigal haven

This spot is best in winter, but it can also work well for you in summer. Two of the three main sections require south-east swells, while the third can also work on an eastern swell. The take off is tricky, and unless you’re local or very skilled, you might find yourself lost in the water. The waves are very long, measuring up to 900 meters before breaking.

  • Pelican beach

Perfect for both lefts and rights, Pelican beach is a good, consistent beach, with most of the surf coming from groundswells. The good news is that here the quality of the surf isn’t affected by the tide, so you are very likely to catch the waves whenever you show up. But, this also means that if it’s working, it’s crowded, so plan accordingly.


  • Umina beach

This white sand beach, while not particularly consistent, is a place that makes great surfers. It has a gentle beach break perfect for a chill day. If you are visiting, make sure you talk to the elderly surfers sitting by the surf lifesaving club. They are veteran surfers who will answer any question you might have about the wind, waves and the sea. The beach can sometimes be a bit crowded since it’s a popular family spot.

  • Wamberal beach

Depending on the sandbank formation, the wind offers some racy peaks. It’s most consistent on the northern end, at the Wamberal Lagoon entrance. The locals have a reputation for liking the beach for themselves, so you might want to make a local friend before you hop into the water, and you’ll receive a warmer welcome.

The Central Coast offers a great variety of waves in a relatively small area, so if you want to anchor up somewhere in the vicinity, you can get wildly different experiences every day by visiting different beaches. Make sure there’s always someone who knows where you are surfing, and don’t go surfing alone if you don’t feel your skill level is adequate for that particular beach.


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