Adventure Travel Is Good for You, and Here’s Why

If you had the option to travel around the world with no strings attached… would you? Would you embrace the option to expand your knowledge about the world, the people, their behaviors, would you decide to spend months taking in different cultures while enjoying incredible sights, nature and all other beauties? We should think “yes”. Need some convincing? Here: a list of reasons why adventure travel is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


Travel is eye-opening

Leaving your comfort zone to see and experience other things and places than the ones you already know is eye-opening in every possible way – from experiencing things you haven’t seen before to learning ways to live outside of everything you are accustomed to is wonderful! Plus, everything you see and everyone you meet is an experience in and of its own and it will help you understand yourself and the world around you better.

Travel helps you move forward

Traveling is the best thing you can do if you are between relationships, schools, jobs, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, or have any difficult situation you need to deal with. Replace the “problem” with some new, exciting adventures by booking a ticket to a land you’ve always wanted to see! Experiencing new things will help you ease your transition into what’s coming next and it’ll give you a chance to reflect on everything that’s been so far.


It helps you form relationships, too

The more countries you see, the richer your contact list gets! The folks you meet on the road are the same people you’ll get to visit later on life, next time you visit their home country or the country you’ve met in. They’ll be a window into new cultures, customs, different personalities, etc. And it’s not just that; you can meet wonderful people that’ll turn into your friends for life or, better yet – your soulmates.

You’ll develop skills you didn’t know you had

Depending on the life we live, most of us stick to just a few skills we repeat on a daily basis; it’s not until we leave the nest that we realize we’ve got the skills we’ve never used. Traveling is what brings them to the surface, regardless of how far from home the destination is.


Sometimes, just visiting the neighboring village can help you learn how quick you are in the field, with the animals, etc. Learning you are more skilled than you knew you were will make you feel satisfied and proud. Plus, the more skills you discover you have, the more you’ll want to challenge yourself to do even bigger things and see what else you can do!

Travel is great for your physique

Whether you are visiting a country for a few days or longer, you’ll want to explore it properly. Going around on foot has proven to be one of the best ways to keep your legs tight and your whole body in shape. Plus, recently, biking’s become a very popular form of sight-seeing (or traveling dynamics altogether)! There usually happens to be a number of local biking groups offering sight-seeing through their cities or even the whole country, relying on nothing but their bikes for their traveling adventures! Woah, now that’s what we call commitment. If you decide to pick up THAT option, make sure you and your crew wear extra safe, full face helmets – better safe than sorry!


You’ll learn new languages, for sure

Well, you won’t actually learn learn the languages but you’ll definitely be able to say a few sentences in the languages of the countries you’ve visited. But really, isn’t it wonderful to be able to say “thanks” in Italian, book a room in Greek, ask for restaurant directions in Thai, or to fall in love with a language you didn’t know existed! Beautiful!

And it gives you perspective

Usually, it is not until we meet other people that we realize how blessed we are with everything we have. When you meet (less fortunate) people from other countries or just those with different cultural backgrounds, you realize your viewing of the world is not the only way to see things. You meet different sensibilities, people of different brains, experiences, knowledge… and, in talking with them, you realize reality isn’t a thing of one person or one country; rather, it’s a collective consciousness with a billion different perspectives, each of which is beautiful in its own way.

Travel is great for introspection

If you are one to invest in your inner world, you need to step out of your home, your circle of people, your town and country to be able to discover who you are outside of all those things. The experience you get on the road cannot be explained in words – it is something that needs to be discovered personally, on the road. And, chances are, you won’t know what you are looking for but, once you feel it, you’ll know why that traveling adventure was the best thing to do in the first place.

While on the road, expect to gather awesome stories and experiences that will stay with you your entire life. Although some of the things may seem trivial while they’re happening, once you get back home and think about them – they’ll be more important than gold – we promise.


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