Summer vacation essentials

It is finally summer! After all that hard work, you have deserved some time off and is there a better way to get some rest than going somewhere?

Most people go the beach for their summer holiday while some pick to go hiking in the mountains or just go sightseeing in a foreign country. No matter where you decide to go, you have to pack for it, right? Some people plan what they are going to bring for days ahead and others have a general idea what they will need and just stuff everything in the night before they depart. It is important not to pack too much as you will have to carry all that around. And you are not moving away, so you can afford not to take something.

Here is a list that might help you regardless of how you pack and where you decide to spend your summer:

Good bag

Whether you are going to the beach or you are sightseeing in Paris, you will need a bag to carry your things during the day. Plan for a big bag if going on a beach holiday as you will have your beach towels with you. I love the more colorful ones as they really have that summer vibe, don’t they?


I was recently told that some of the newer wrinkles around my eyes were due to the fact that I do not wear sunglasses and squint while being in the sun. That resulted in me buying a couple of pairs for different occasions. If you really don’t want to squint or end up looking for sunglasses on your holiday (although you can do the latter if you really like shopping), remember that these are a must.

Clothes, clothes, clothes

Of course, these depend on where you are going, but as we are talking about summer vacation essentials, let us focus more on beach clothes.

Pack light. It is summer, so it is a great opportunity to showcase your figure in some shorts and cute tops or to wear loose dresses to the beach. When it comes to swimsuits, you can always take two or three of them as they are light. Cute sunflair swimwear should always be one of your choices.

If you are not sure what would be ideal and have no time to go window shopping with your girlfriends, luckily for us all there is a great selection of skirts, dresses and breathtaking tops on the internet. I usually search by color when I have something specific in mind.

So, take clothes that will take less space in your suitcase, but also don’t forget to choose only those pieces that you feel comfortable in. It’s also a good idea to leave some room for all the stuff that you may buy there, too.


Well, these you need no matter where you go, but for a summer holiday, you should pay attention and pack the following: sunscreen (at least with an SPF 15 or higher), lip balm (also with an SPF 15) and insect repellent (better safe than sorry as you will be spending a lot of time outside).

Pack the items that you use for your daily routine – personal-hygiene products, face wash, your preferred soap or shower gel, etc. You can usually buy those on the spot, but if you use a very specific product, make sure you take it with you.

Don’t forget!

I am putting some of the most important things for any checklist at the end – necessary documents. Wherever you are going, I am sure they will be essential to you unless you want to spend your vacation arguing with officers or hotel receptionists.

Your charger is another important item that you shouldn’t leave at home. As you will probably use your phone to listen to music, watch videos, surf the net and take pictures, you will no doubt charge it a lot.

So, don’t forget to pack light and appropriately for your trip. Don’t forget some essential things and have great fun. When you come back, make sure to share some photos!



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