Travel Prepared: Common Travel Emergencies

If you’re one of those travelers who can’t stop their brains from going through all the worst-case scenarios, this guide will help you start your journey ready for whatever the Gods of Travel might throw your way.

Trouble with the flight

One of the most common travel emergencies is trouble with the flight. If you think you’re going to miss your flight, you can try to reschedule it by informing your airline. By giving them a heads up, they often let you reschedule for just a small fee. On the other hand, if you don’t inform them, you’ll most likely lose your fare completely. If your problem is flight cancelation, your next move greatly depends on the reason why your plane didn’t take off.


If the reason is mechanical, the airline will try to provide you with food and accommodation vouchers. However, if your plane can’t take off because of the weather, there’s nothing you or the airline can do but wait.

Lost ID or passport

Among the most stressful things that can happen during your travels is to realize your ID or passport is lost. Once you realize this horrible thing happened, there are a few routes you can take. If you’re traveling domestically, you should report the loss to the local police, especially if your ID was stolen together with your wallet and purse. On the other hand, if you find yourself without a passport in a foreign country, you’ll need to find an embassy as soon as possible. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out, you’ll have to get your picture taken, pay fees and then wait (usually a few days) until you get a new document. If you have a photocopy of your ID or passport, this can speed up the process a bit, but you can’t use them instead of the original.

Luggage problems

If your luggage gets lost, you usually have a 24-hour window to file a lost luggage claim. In case you miss the deadline, the amount of things the airline can do decreases significantly. Also, make sure to give your address to someone from the airline, so that your luggage can be returned to you.


Another good idea is to take a picture of your bags, to know exactly what they looked like before they got lost.

Trouble with the car

Let’s say you traveled to Australia, wanted to explore the beautiful Outback, rented a car only to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire or a car that just won’t cooperate.  Your safest bet is to put on the hazard lights and phone your rental company to send help. If they don’t answer, you can check whether your car insurance offers breakdown support.


On the other hand, if you’re planning a roadtrip with your own car, you can still get stuck in the hostile Aussie Outback.  However, you can contact a professional mobile mechanic from Gold Coast to come to your home, take a good look at your car and make sure it’s ready to provide you with a safe and comfy roadtrip. Oftentimes, it’s much better to prevent a travel emergency than deal with it.

Lost phone

If you’re taking your phone with you on a vacation, make sure to download a tracking app before you depart. This will allow you to follow your phone via GPS in case it goes missing. If you notice your phone is gone, try to (temporarily) suspend your services to avoid any raising bills. Those who have mobile insurance and are certain their phone is lost or stolen should also file a police report and a claim.

Hopefully, you’ll feel a little more relaxed now that you know how to handle these common travel emergencies. When you’re ready, every trip will be more enjoyable.


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