Tips for Your Cross-Country Road Trip

Road trip Australia

Taking a road trip, whether it’s with our entire family, or your buddies, or simply a romantic getaway for two, can be one of the most thrilling adventures you are bound to love. The best part is, you can do it any time of the year, enjoying a winter exploration tour of the country, or a laid-back, sunny escapade into the great outdoors.

With numerous possibilities ahead, the time is just right to start preparing for the journey. Be wary though, road trips can be tricky, so make sure you plan your voyage well in advance, tending to the car, your list of essentials, and making a detailed route. Here are the steps you want to take to prepare for your cross-country road trip the right way.

Your list of essentials

Let’s face it, there’s probably no worse scenario than finding yourself in the middle of the road having to do your business, and there’s no toilet paper. And you better believe that there will be long stretches with no public bathroom in sight. In order to avoid having to use local greenery instead, you need to make a detailed list of your travel essentials beforehand.

This should be easy enough, simply use the sticky notes on your smartphone to note down everything you need, from food and water, hygiene essentials and first aid equipment, to various gadgets such as cameras, portable solar chargers, GPS, etc. You might feel inspired to keep your luggage as minimal as possible, but remember that a road trip is quite different than vacationing in a neighbouring city, so don’t hold back and pack everything.

Road trip Australia

Plan your route

Now’s the time to plan your main route, detailing all of the main stops along your journey. There are several key factors you will need to take into account when deciding on the best fun-filled adventure trail. First of all, does the direction you are headed offer the stops that would appeal to the nature of your road trip? If you are going with your buddy crew, maybe you want to stay clear from the romantic lodges on the coast.

Moreover, consider the climate you are driving into. It might be a cool 20°C at your place, but imagine adventuring into the arid regions of Central or Northern Australia, for instance. It’s going to get pretty hot, pretty soon, so consider if that is the way you want to spend your road trip.

Lastly, decide on the nature/cities ratio on the map, and whether you want to explore different natural wonders or urban jungles. Perhaps you are searching for quaint towns with their own charm and unique cultural heritage? Be sure this factors into your equation.

Road trip Australia

Secure adequate transportation

If you were under the impression that you can just take any old city car into the great outdoors, you were mistaken. And you would have regretted it not 15 minutes out of the city. The key to a successful road trip lies in obtaining the perfect vehicle that can not only withstand the wear and tear of the open road, but also take you through unplanned detours as well.

The best idea is to do what the adventurous Aussies do and get a car with ample storage, one that doesn’t consume too much gas, and boasts four-wheel drive with a powerful towing capability. You can read more about the vehicles that were made for road trips here. Along with equipping the vehicle with smart tech and the latest amenities, you mustn’t forget to get your car to a mechanic before you set off, as you can never be too careful.

Road trip Australia

Plan for detours

It’s going to get wild on the road, and you will want to introduce a bit of fun and spontaneity into the mix by taking an unplanned detour. Heading off the beaten track is great, but it can also be time-consuming, especially if you wind up roaming aimlessly around the countryside.

That’s why you want to put aside plenty of free time for exploration, ditching the strict schedule in favour or fun and adventure.

Pick the perfect time of year for your trip

Finally, the season you pick for your road trip will greatly influence your overall experience, so you might want to plan this step carefully. Not all regions across the country look, feel, and smell divine all year long, so choose the season that corresponds with the nature of your trip while emphasizing the beauties that await on your route.

Road trip Australia

Going cross-country can be a wonderful adventure filled with laughter and lifelong memories. However, in order for the idyllic trip to bear fruit, you will need to tend to some thorough planning and preparation. Follow these steps in order to come up with the perfect road trip you will cherish forever.


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