Tips for Safe Travel with Your Dog

Travelling can be risky on its own, because you never know what kind of predicaments you may expect along the way. However, when you want to take your dog to the next adventure, problems may become even bigger. This is why you need to expect the unexpected, and always be prepared for any possible health, safety or legal issues that bringing your dog with you may cause.

Take the dog to a check-up

Your pet’s vaccinations should always be up-to-date. This is especially important when you’re going on a trip, so make sure you take your dog to a veterinarian at least a week before departure.


The veterinarian will inform you about the best ways to relax your dog in case they become uncontrollable, anxious or afraid while on the road, as tranquilizing isn’t the best option. If you plan to fly abroad, or to another continent such as Australia, consult the foreign office of the country you are travelling to, and ask around about any additional health care requirements.

Feed them regularly

It’s vital that you don’t disturb your pet’s eating schedule when you’re on the road. However, if you’re travelling to a different time zone, it may require a few adjustments. Therefore, make sure you feed your pet a light meal three to four hours before you go on a trip. Bring all your pet’s favourite snacks, so that their food regimen doesn’t suffer too many changes. In case you forget any and you’ve decided to have a road trip through Australia, worry not, because you can always shop for premium quality dog supplies online and have them delivered anywhere in the Land Down Under. Also, avoid feeding them in a moving vehicle, because that can cause nausea.

Keep your pet safe

Make sure you invest in a USDA-approved shipping crate that is well-ventilated and large enough for your dog to stand, sit and turn around while feeling comfortable at all times. Don’t forget to line it with towels or shredded paper to absorb any mishaps. The crate door should always be securely closed.


However, don’t lock them, because the airline personnel won’t be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. To make sure your dog is comfortable staying inside the carrier, get the pet used to the crate, and keep it inside a few times before you go on the trip. Furthermore, your dog should have a microchip for identification, along with a collar that should have a tag with your home address imprinted. In case your pet gets lost during your trip, a temporary travel tag with your cell phone number or any other relevant contact will be invaluable.

Have a pet-friendly travel kit

Just as you have your first-aid kit, you should bring a pet’s travelling kit with you as well. Aside from medications, grooming supplies, plastic bags, a waste scoop, leash, a bowl, food and travel papers, don’t forget your pooch’s favourite toy or a pillow to keep them comfortable and in a familiar environment. Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of water, to always keep the dog hydrated. What’s more, if you freeze a small dish or tray of water, the night before you leave, it won’t be able to spill inside the crate, during loading, and by the time your furry friend is thirsty, it’ll melt all the way. Always have your pet drink water from familiar areas, to avoid upset tummy problems.

Travelling with your pet can be thrilling, but only if you make sure both of you are travelling safely. Do all the necessary check-ups at the veterinarian’s, invest in a well-ventilated and comfortable carrier, feed your pet regularly, and don’t forget to pack a pet-friendly travel kit with all the necessary supplies.


2 responses to “Tips for Safe Travel with Your Dog

  1. Wonderful tips, travelling with your dog can be a challenge but it’s not impossible. Me and my buddy never travel without his favourite toy – he is really calm with it on board.

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