Travelling Around The World – How to Keep Being Fit

The purpose of your trip might vary, you could be going on a fun vacation, an important business meeting or just quenching your wanderlust. Whatever the reason, it is bound to disrupt the fitness and nutrition regimen you are currently on. This is why it is important to have some useful hacks on stand by to help you keep your body in the best possible shape.

Here are some great pieces of advice for keeping fit no matter where on the globe you end up.

No, these are not cheat days

Yes, you might be in a different country, and away from your fitness comfort zone, but this does not mean you get to relax and eat what you want the entire time. Just think what a shock that would be for your body, and how much time it will take you to return to normal after you have returned home. So before you leave, make a fitness and nutrition plan based on what is available at your destination. You can mix it up by replacing the gym with nature hikes and introducing some local meals in your regimen as long as you stay on track and do the work.

Consider preparing your own meals

Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, you might be able to prepare your own meals, which is a great option. So instead of eating out all the time, buy fresh groceries and make some healthy meals a few times a week, just to get all the necessary nutrients in. Making your own meals is one of the best choices you have. That way you are always in control of what you eat. You can even consider ordering from an online butcher to ease your food preparation process. Make sure you find accommodation near a market with fresh produce. And you can be sure your wallet will appreciate it, and so will your thighs. So don’t be lazy, explore the local shops and markets and find the right ingredients to make your favourite meals, and you will know exactly what you are eating at all times, and there is no danger of unwanted calories sneaking in.

Water up

Do not forget to keep up with your regular water intake. When on the road we are usually a lot more active and can get dehydrated more quickly, so keeping a bottle of water at your side all the time is a must. In addition, in some developing countries drinking water can be scarce, and there might be issues with its safety. So having bottled water at your side will keep you healthy, hydrated and help your body function normally even under different environmental conditions.

Use every opportunity to exercise

In case your schedule does not allow you to go to the hotel gym, or any local one for that matter, make sure you still get that workout in. Opt for walking instead of using public transport or taking a cab. You can go on walking tours and still see all the sights. Jogging is also a great option, it might require getting up a bit earlier than planned but it is definitely a great start of the day, and you’ll get to explore your destination on your own, and who knows what wanders you might discover.

You are all set for your trip. If you stick to these simple rules your fitness regimen will not suffer and your body will stay fit and healthy. This will make returning to your regular fitness routine a lot easier when you finally get home.


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