Best Locations to Visit for Seniors

If you’ve worked your entire life to reach pension, it is perfectly reasonable to feel entitled to some high-quality rest and recreation in faraway lands. By the time most people reach the retirement years – they’ve paid off their debts and put children through school. If you count yourself among these people, it means you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands to enjoy life to the fullest. If you are wondering where to start, here are the best locations to visit for seniors.

Tuscany, Italy


The rustic charm of the Mediterranean is nowhere so potent, tranquil yet awe-inspiring as it is in Italy – arguably the perfect country to visit for seniors. Here you can get in touch with ancient history, surrounded with monuments that serve as a testament to this geographical cradle of western civilization. The Apennine Peninsula is a hotspot that has, in so many ways, shaped the modern world and it is a rite of passage to visit its bucolic valleys and rocky slopes.

It is also a heaven for retirees who enjoy the salty open air, incredibly healthy Mediterranean diet and gentle wine of Tuscany. The scents of this dreamlike region covered in golden grass and patches of cypress trees cannot be overstated. Lose yourself among the olive groves, medieval towns and charming cafes. Tuscany presents you with a cocktail of scents, tastes and visual delights that can hardly be matched by anything else in the world. Paying it a visit is a perfect way to celebrate your decades of hard work and earned freedom.

Whole of Australia

adam-krowitz-386783-unsplash (1)

Just like Florida, Australia is one of the world’s most perfect places to visit if you want to retire. The entire continent is a kaleidoscope of vibrant beauties which are bound to keep your moods up. The pleasant tropical climate that doesn’t fluctuate too extremely is especially convenient for people who, after they reach a certain age, begin to suffer from chronic pain in their bones and joints.

Furthermore, due to it being a prevalently westernized, English-speaking environment with cutting edge medical services and overwhelmingly pleasant people, the Australian continent is not only a perfect location to visit, it is also an amazing place to “stay” for seniors. If you are within your financial means, you can look into amazing retirement homes for sale along the colorful eastern coastline. Locales like Catalina Bay of Lake Macquarie are practically a picture of perfection for retirees.

The allure of Miami Beach, Florida


As already mentioned, Florida is a go-to part of the world for seniors. The reasons for this cannot only be boiled down to a favorable climate and a wide range of senior-friendly communities. As soon as you start researching, you’ll learn that the cost of living in Florida is fairly reasonable, plus you’ll be free of the state income tax, estate tax and inheritance tax once you move here. If this doesn’t sound like reason enough, just look at the amazing scenery!

Miami Beach is an especially popular hotspot among the elderly travelers. The captivating turquoise shallows, beautiful beaches and relentless summer warmth are all coupled with that optimistic American culture and art-deco facades. Luxurious beach fronts are literally postcard worthy and they are always brimming with senior citizens who are involved in a variety of interesting beachside activities and light sports.

Of course, Miami Beach is not all about the coastline – the cityscape offers an amazing array of restaurants and cultural hotspots. The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens are some of the most popular highlights. Unless it is truly unbearably humid (between May and October), you should utilize the stroll-friendly layout of Miami Beach to discover its highlights without any guidance. It is truly the best way to savor this treasure trove of a town, and light physical activity can only bode well for your health.

Even though you’ve reached your senior years, it still doesn’t mean you should just give into lethargy and gracefully “leave the spotlight”. In modern society, it is only when people finally reach their retirement years that they get a chance to let loose and “rock the stage”. You can argue this is a sad state of affairs, but if you’re by any chance at least somewhat thirsty for adventures and hedonism, who has time for lament?


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