A Guide to the Best South Pacific Spots for Adventure-Lovers

So many people crave for that dreamy, tropical vacation spot to spend hours on end basking on the beach and sipping cocktails while listening to the crashing waves.

However, the very same exotic hideouts are also home to a wide range of adventures perfect for thrill-seekers. If you’re looking for that fun-infused escapade that will give you a lifetime of memories, look no further – the following spots have you covered!

South Pacific Spots for Adventure-Lovers

A Fiji forest adventure

If you spend the majority of your time surrounded by concrete, then it’s no wonder you need to green up your vacation and feel the untamed spirit of the wilderness! One of the best South Pacific islands with incredible, pristine forests is Fiji, and don’t be fooled by its reputation as the ideal relaxing vacation spot – the island hides some truly incredible adventures. Plus, this popular destination is well-connected, so you can reach it by plane or by sea!


A favorite among young fitness enthusiasts is the unique zipline experience through the forests of Fiji in the capital of Suva. It gives you a truly extraordinary vantage point to see the vivid greens of the forest and meet its diverse flora and fauna. There are various observation platforms where you can stop to admire the view, but the climb and the process is challenging, so it’s best to bring sturdy, durable gear to help you make the best of it!


Canoe the Riri River of Espiritu Santo island

The largest island of the Vanuatu archipelago, Espiritu Santo is a fairytale-worthy nook that will reawaken your inner child and help you escape the modern humdrum in a matter of moments. The best way to reach this wealth of beauty is by air, landing directly in Pekoa. Its famous Champagne beach is not the only sight worth seeing, as this treasure trove of natural wonders is a dream-come-true for all adventurers at heart.

South Pacific Spots for Adventure-Lovers, Espiritu Santo

Its blue holes are particularly picturesque, filled with inquisitive marine life and pure, intact nature all around them, but Riri River alone is equally impressive. Kayak or canoe all the way to the hole where you can swim in the embrace of the azure blue and enjoy the birdsong of the surrounding jungle. Although a tranquil activity, it does take a toll on your muscles, so do stay fit for your journey!


Meet the Mystery Island marine life

As the name suggests, this is perhaps the best-kept secret of the South Pacific, and it can easily become the most coveted destination in the region. However, it still enjoys its humble solitude, and the best way to get there is via last minute cruises which offer various sightseeing stops, among which you can pick your favorite underwater adventure.

South Pacific Spots for Adventure-Lovers, Mystery Island

Mystery Island prides itself in its breathtaking marine diversity, and that is precisely why so many first-time visitors head straight for the snorkel safari which is the signature excursion of the island. Another top pick is experiencing the best of both worlds from a glass-bottom kayak, which gives you a clear view of the rich coral reefs, along with a guided talk to learn more about this magical spot.


Hiking on Tahiti

Another celebrated South Pacific spot is also known as the honeymoon favorite of so many young couples looking to start a new chapter in their lives in the warm cocoon of the tropical Tahiti. Its reputation precedes it, but once again, the less-known ways to immerse yourself in the wonders of the island are far more exciting than you’d expect.

South Pacific Spots for Adventure-Lovers, Tahiti

If you’re ready to leave the resort life of this immaculate island, then by all means venture deep inside its lush forests and hike to the mountaintops with dazzling panoramic views. Among the best choices of the island, you can hike the Fautaua Valley without a guide, where you’ll come across dreamy waterfalls.


Trek through the Malekula jungles

The second largest of the Vanuatu archipelago, Malekula is another hidden gem of the group, and a beloved destination among those who know its intact culture and mesmerizing wilderness. It’s considered one of the most amazing destinations in the region, and its rugged, mountain-dominated center is a true endeavor even for the fittest among you, and not for the faint of heart.

South Pacific Spots for Adventure-Lovers, Vanuatu

Despite the airport access and the various roads, the most wonderful hidden places on the island are accessible only by foot, hence the need for durable footwear and a trusty guide to take you through the jungle. You’ll notice few but prominent remnants of their cannibalistic past, but all of your focus will be easily stolen by the unparalleled views of waterfalls and untamed nature.


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