How to get the Best Deals on Hotels

While staying in a hotel, did you ever ask your next room guest how much he had paid for the room? Asking such a question to someone whom you don’t know sounds weird. But do you know different guests staying in similar kind of rooms invariably pay different rates? Yes, this is it. Hotel accommodation with its complex terminologies is such a thing that it even sneaks money out of the pocket of the smartest. However, there’re certain basic things that you can always apply while booking a hotel room. Possibilities are that you may get the room at the better price than your next room neighbor. So read out what you need to do to get the best deals on hotels.

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Always Check for Special Packages

Invariably hotels and resorts run special packages and promotions for the room sales. So, before making a booking always ask the hotel staff if they’re offering any special rates for family, or senior citizens, or weekend holidays, or government discount, or frequent flier discounts, or corporate. There’s possibility that you may fall in any of the above categories and get a better deal for your hotel room. Always resist the quoted rate. If don’t fall in any of the above mentioned categories, you may get a fallback rate. No one wants to lose a customer. Not even the highly rated hotels.


Look for better rates online

Surf the Internet for better hotel rates. There’re many travel portals and websites that come out with daily discounts. Take lowest quote from them and call the hotel to see if they can match it. You also have the option of checking out the web sites of big hotel chains. Often they come out with their exclusive rates only for online bookings.


Look for price and not the property

If you’re least bothered about booking a specific property, then it’s best for you to go for the cheapest booking online. Though in this you can specify the property category like two star, or three star, or four star. This way you can save a lot.


Speak to the hotel directly

Many a time, hotels keep a separate inventory of rooms for their central reservation system, and the agents have no access to room availability by this system. Many chains allot only a select number of rooms to the central reservations system, so agents may even tell you a hotel is sold out when in fact the hotel is discounting rooms because of low booking rates!


Keep your booking dates flexible

Hotel rates vary depending on the season and the kind of property you’re looking for. During the peak holiday season, getting a hotel room at a bargain price would be quite difficult. Therefore, travelling in off season surely fetch you better deals. I had got fifty percent off-season discount from on rooms in Cape Sienna Phuket located on the Kamala Bay. Besides this, you’re also likely to get better deals on a hotel room if you’re booking the room in a hotel that serves business travelers.


Be flexible to book at last-minute

Booking at the last hours can get you great deals. Hotel managers are often willing to lower their rates to fill their last remaining rooms.


Benefit from a package deal

Certainly, you can get a better deal if you book your hotels and airfare together as a package deal. There’re possibilities that you’ll not have more choices of hotels, but definitely, you’ll be able to save a few bucks.


Look for the small hotels

Small hotels with little presence on the web and amongst the travel agent could be a good choice for a better bargain.


Try to find out hidden costs in your hotel stay

There’re always chances that you get the hotel room at a better price. But that may come out a base rate, and you’re charged separately for taxes, resort fees, parking fee, energy surcharges, and some many other things that you will never understand. Even if one hotel has a lower base rate, it may end up being a more expensive option once all the extras are added in.


Use coupon and voucher books

There are several discount coupon and voucher companies which offer exciting discounts on almost every aspect of travel. You can do a google search for “coupons” for your destination or hotel chain. You may get a good deal.


Don’t enter the hotel reception with your luggage

If you want to negotiate with the hotel staff after arriving in the hotel, don’t enter the hotel lobby with your huge piece of luggage. Instead keep your luggage outside with someone, may be with your children and wife, and go inside alone. This way you can clearly indicate the receptionist or the hotel clerk that you’d just as soon go elsewhere if they can’t bring their rates down.

It goes without saying that regular follow up is the best way to get a discount on hotel rooms. Once you’ve booked your hotel, just don’t sit back. Call the hotel or check online to see if rates have gone down. If they have, cancel your booking and rebook your stay at the lower rate. But before doing this always check the cancellation policy of the hotel.




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