A Guide to the Must-See Beaches in 2018

There’s nothing like stretching out in front of the ocean, the hot sun shining down on your skin, and the feeling of soft, warm sand between your toes. Don’t forget that occasional salty breeze, either! Once you’ve experienced a day on a clean, warm beach – and most of us have – there’s really no comparison between that and a hotel pool, no matter how nice the pool is! As a bonus, you get stunning views, pleasant walks, and often, some cool water-sports.

If you’re as a big a fan of beaches as we are, you might even have a beach bucket list. That is, a list of beaches you absolutely must visit at some point in your life. Or perhaps you’re going travelling and want to hit as many of the best beaches as possible! But how do you know which ones should be on your beach hit-list? Here’s our guide to your must-see beaches – all the beaches you absolutely can’t miss out on:


Cossie’s Beach in the Cocos Keeling Islands, Australia

The stunning Cossie’s Beach is a long stretch of sand and palm trees, locked in by glorious blue ocean on either side. The clear ocean has incredible appeal and the golden white sand is delicious to sprawl out on.


Bathsheba Beach in Bathsheba, Barbados

The rugged looks of Bathsheba Beach make it a unique place to visit and it has some serious wilderness vibes. This mix of golden sand and green grass makes it gorgeously picturesque which, along with the fantastic waves for surfing, is this Barbados beach’s main attraction.


Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

As its name implies, Seven Mile Beach is a fantastically long beach and it’s all publically owned, so you can wander along without any real interruption. It’s lined with hotels too, so you can take your pick of where to stay, stunning views included.


Baia do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Clear, tranquil waters and gorgeous greenery are what makesBaia do Sancho so unique and appealing. Snorkelers will love it here, as there’s plenty to see beneath the surface of the enticing ocean.

Dreamland Beach in Kuta, Bali

Aptly named, Dreamland Beach is exactly what it says on the tin. This gorgeous cove can be found on Bali’s Bukit peninsula and is home to some cool beach shack cafes, and some seriously beautiful views of the aqua sea and golden sands.


Eagle Beach in Oranjestad, Aruba

Wonderfully white sand is always a thing of beauty, and it’s no different here at Eagle Beach. Fotifoti trees make it even more picturesque, while the novelty of seeing sea turtle nests, if you can spot one, will never end.

La Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Spain

City beaches aren’t always heralded for their beauty and appeal, but La Concha Beach in Spain most certainly is. Golden sands make it popular for seaside strolls, whilst the crystal clear waters make it a popular kayaking spot.


Cannon Beach in Oregon, USA

Oregon’s Cannon Beach is home to the famous Haystack Rock, a stunning rock formation that hosts tufted puffins every year. This picturesque beach makes it popular with tourists, and you’re sure to love it just as much.

Radhanagar Beach in the Andaman Islands, India

Located on Havelock Island and lined by the nearby rainforest, Radhanagar Beach is something quite spectacular. Its white sand is perfect for sprawling out on but you’re more likely to want to explore the exquisite scenery around you.


Grace Bay in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay gets its fame from its expansive stretch of ice white sand, beautifully complemented by the clear blue of the ocean. This wondrous beach is what dreams are made of and you certainly won’t forget it.


Horseshoe Bay in Southampton Parish, Bermuda

Pink sand never ceases to be a novelty and this remains true at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda. Attractive rock formations and shallow waters make this place perfect for paddling and prettiness, and families will love it here.

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos Island, Greece

Rich blue sea bordered by a cove of golden sands, Navagio Beach is a real treat for the eyes. The towering cliffs surrounding it only serve to enhance the beauty of this beach, and you’ll be hard-pushed to forget this place in a hurry.


Clearwater Beach in Florida, USA

Spanning two and a half miles, Clearwater Beach is a hub of activity and entertainment. You can sunbathe a-plenty but don’t forget to try the jet-skis and dolphin-spotting boat trips. You’ll love the street performers too, which provide entertainment all day long.


Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

It’s no surprise that gorgeous Mexico is home to at least one must-see beach, and the quiet beauty of Playa Norte makes it easy to see why it makes our list. Palm trees lining the beach make for great eye candy, and the snorkeling opportunities are excellent.


About the author

This post is contributed by Rebecca Brown. She runs a website called RoughDraft, where she writes about her travels and life.


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