The Most Stunning Elope Wedding Destinations

All wedding are beautiful, if for no other reason than the simple fact that two people are celebrating their love and on that particular day are vowing to love and honor each other forever. It is a major and amazing act of commitment. Now, different couples have different notions of what constitutes a perfect wedding day. Some keep it breezy with a casual day-time wedding, others spend large amounts on an extravagantly elegant affair. Then, there are couples who choose to skip all the traditional steps – the huge number of wedding guests, choosing venues, décor, and everything that goes with the ‘traditional wedding package’ by simply going on an eloping adventure. Of course, even these couples want a touch of the extraordinary, which is they’re increasingly opting for amazing destinations that will make the day all the more memorable. Step aside Vegas, these are the most mesmerizing wedding destinations for eloping rebels.

Say ‘I do’ in Florence, Italy


If you have a soft spot for amazing architecture that will in a way be like a wedding party member, then Florence is the place for you. The surroundings alone would make you want to tie the knot even if you weren’t planning to, and you can spend the next couple of days (or several) just exploring the city and enjoying the palpable romance it exudes. It’s like there’s something in the air in this city – like it’s enchanted with a love spell or something. Aside from the unmatchable romantic vibe, the logistic part is incredibly easy – foreigners are granted marriage licenses very quickly so you don’t have to deal with a great deal of bureaucracy, and if you are religious and want to have a church ceremony, you couldn’t have picked a better place because a number of historic churches are yours for the picking. Of course, if you’re getting married in a church, a simple but elegant white dress would be in order, which you can complete by ordering a little drama in the form of an incredible pair of Badgley Mischka shoes online. You may be eloping, but you still deserve to look stunning, so make sure the groom packs a nice and breezy summer suit as well.

Take your exotic pick


If your budget can allow you to fly all the way to this breathtaking destination, then go for it. Boasting over 300 islands, each one more stunning than the other, Fiji represents the perfect location for adventurous beachy and bohemian couples. The islands’ resorts offer incredible all-inclusive elopement packages, and depending on which island you choose, you can have a simple and bohemian beach wedding or a more exotic jungle setup organized in such places as the Turtle Island. After what can only be described as a sublimely intimate ceremony, you can unwind at the beach or kick off your honeymoon in a gorgeous bungalow or even a charming and ultra-luxurious tree house all of your own. This destination calls for no formality, so beachy waves, a crochet dress and flat sandals will suffice, and the groom can be in stylish and beachy beige shorts and a linen shirt.

As secluded as it gets

For couples who are deeply spiritual and have a sense of adventure on top of that, and therefore envision tying the knot in a more symbolic than religious or civil way, there is no place more perfect than the Andes in Peru. Couples can choose to be wed in a traditional Andes ceremony, otherwise known as the Arac Masin, in breathtaking surroundings – the ancient sacred Inca sites and the world-famous ruins of Machu Picchu being just some of them. The very ceremony could be conducted in the native Quechua language, and the ritual itself is highly spiritual, but simple. The entire purpose is to bond the two of you in a symbolic manner by summoning the Inca gods to bless your love and union and make it last forever.


According to Todd and Jennifer who tied the knot in Peru, don’t even think about wearing a wedding dress. You don’t even have to dress nicely, wear whatever the surroundings inspire you to. After all, this spiritual experience isn’t about clothes. The only downside of this wedding destination is that in order to be legally married, you would have to have a civil ceremony either in Peru or in your home country, because as said, this is a spiritual wedding, not an official one. However, if you don’t care about a piece of paper and value this act of commitment more than any other, then you are all done and you can spend your honeymoon there exploring. Visit the Sun Gate, climb Huayna Picchu, walk the stone path known as the Inca Bridge, or simply book a nice place to stay and relax if you don’t have the stamina for all the climbing and hiking.

Every couple is different and they each have their own set of beliefs and notions of what true love and commitment should look like, and these locations cater to each of these different tastes and preferences, so just follow your gut feeling and book the next flight.


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