7 Delicious Destinations for the Best Ice Cream in Australia

Ice Cream in Australia

There are people who like any ice cream, and then there are those for whom this is a supreme sweet treat. The first kind can grab a scoop or two at any given place – the first place they spot, while true lovers and connoisseurs of this cooling treat will settle for nothing short of supreme. Whether you belong to the first or the second category, we have not one, not two, but seven super delicious ice cream destinations for you. The first category of people will finally realize what they’ve been missing out on, while the palates of those in the second category will sing with joy as the flavours merge for the ultimate enjoyment of their beloved treat, so let’s explore Australia through an ice cream prism.

Millers Ice Cream Farm Café

If you happen to find yourself in this neck of the woods – Cowaramup, Western Australia, make sure to take a short ride to Margaret River and then head south onto Wirring Road, because a little over 3km away awaits what’s not just another run-of-the-mill ice cream café, but an entire experience. What is so special is the fact that the ice cream here is made from fresh milk that comes from the café’s own cows. Not only do you get to enjoy no less than 60 flavours of freshly made ice cream in a historic cottage café, but if you happen to be here on Saturdays, at 11 a.m. you can even catch a live milking show. So, you not only get to indulge your sweet tooth here, but you can also enjoy a show. Definitely worth the trip.

Ice Cream in Australia

The Original Daintree Ice Cream Co

When you visit 1819R Cape Tribulation Rd, Diwan, Queensland, you simply can’t miss out on what a review on the Lonely Planet described as “the most scenic Ice Cream company ever”. Now, aside from truly breathtaking views, which do play a major role in the general enjoyment, each time you visit this place, you’re in for a surprise. Namely, all the fruits from which the ice creams are made are grown in their own orchards and the flavours change daily, so you never know what signature “4-scoop cup” you’ll get, but we guarantee it’s going to be delicious, and you can even take a walk through the orchards and admire the fruits as well. Eating ice cream has just become more adventurous.

Ice Cream in Australia

Gelato Messina

In Darlinghurst hides the lovely 16-year old Gelato Messina. Aside from 40 amazing flavours, this place also boasts signature gelato cakes. The original inspiration comes from Sicily, but at Messina they are constantly setting the bar for great gelatos higher, whether by coming up with new techniques or inventing different flavours. Just looking at their Instagram feed will make your mouth water, so imagine what will happen when you see all this marvelousness up close and personal. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to ice cream heaven.

Ice Cream in Australia

Timboon Fine Ice Cream

If you’re looking for an incredible ice cream store with more than two decades-long history and certifiably superb flavours, Timboon Fine Ice Cream is the place to be. The ice cream here is made on a farm that has been passed down for generations, and it’s known for its super-creamy texture. We don’t have the skinny on how they make such delicious scoops, but we do know that the base is fresh cow milk and that’s always a good start. The only thing better than their 24 premium flavours is the fact that you can purchase them all over the country and relish the taste even if Timboon isn’t quite in your neighbourhood. You can even catch their ice cream vans if you find yourself at farmers markets, festivals or Race Day events. So old school!

timboon ice cream

Zanette’s Gelati

Oh no, this is not just regular ice cream; this is a broad selection of ice creams – 40 exquisite flavours, which are freshly made for every new day, which removes all need for preservatives. This particular ice cream shop boasts a gelato that is 96 percent fat-free, so you can enjoy however many scoops you want sans a guilt trip. The best part is: nothing here is artificial – just pure fruit.  So, if natural and almost fat-free goodness is calling out to you, head down to Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217.

Ice Cream in Australia

Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar

When in Sydney, you simply must visit one of the locals’ favourite places to unwind and indulge in some high-quality gelato goodness. You might want to get an early start because there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting in line for quite some time. Yes, this place is so good that there is actually a line. If you want to blame someone for this blame the Mandorla affogato which won this gelateria World’s Best Gelato at 2014’s Gelato World Tour in Rimini, Italy. Once you’ve snagged it, all will be forgiven after that first taste of the perfect cream base infused with Madagascar vanilla and smoky Kenyan coffee, and to top it off, there is the mixture of crunchy almond praline and smooth salted caramel sauce that will have you coming back and waiting in line twice in one day.

Ice Cream in Australia

My gelato

That’s what you’ll be saying when someone asks you to share some – ‘no, it’s my gelato, get your own.’ No, seriously, it’s so good that no one would even dare to ask you to share. Now, the thing that separates My Gelato from all others is the fact that they offer a great variety of gelatos from classic ones to extremely decadent, and there is also a vegan selection so everyone can enjoy themselves. They’ve also been kind enough to list all the ingredients on their website, so you can make an informed decision based on not only your preferences but potential allergies as well. We certainly love a shop that cares this much, and you can find them in both Kirra and Broadbeach.


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