7 Things to Look for When Choosing A Hospitality Supplier

Hotel owners are aware that in order to keep customers and visitors from coming back to their hotel, good hotel services are not enough; they also have to make sure that the hotel looks attractive, is clean and is adequately stocked with the right supplies their customers need. This is the reason why hotel owners and managers do not think twice about spending on hospitality supplies. Quality has to be maintained when it comes to hospitality supplies thus its demand is always in an upward trend in hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. These supplies are not only meant to serve their purpose, but they are also used to add to the overall appeal of the particular place they are in. For example, high quality furniture helps add elegance to a hotel. It makes the hotel seem more stylish and inviting to tired and weary travellers. Hotel hospitality supplies also help build a certain look for a hotel. Travellers and customers will identify your hotel with a certain theme or look and it’s pretty much a good thing to help establish yourself in the hotel industry. Therefore, you need to put a lot of careful thought and consideration when choosing supplies for your hotel.


1. Quality of Service:

Before selecting a supplier, one should inquire about the services they provide. One should check whether the delivery and shipping of the products are carried out in time or not. And one should inquire whether the products are properly packed and handled and also if they provide services of consultation or not.

2. Availability of Products:

As hotel or restaurant owner you may be adapting to different seasons and accordingly decide the theme, so always make sure that the hospitality supplies are ordered accordingly and the company you are hiring is able to provide you with supplies on time. As one can’t afford to lose any customer due to shabby hospitality.

3. Training for Using and Maintaining the Supplies:

Hospitality Supplies can get damaged in many ways, either by any kind of negligence or use them inappropriately.  It also happens that the staff doesn’t know how to take care of the supplies and thus a proper training or guidance is required. Thus, look for those suppliers which provide free training and thus imparts knowledge for your staff on using the supplies properly.

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4. Terms of Payments:

Most hospitality suppliers insist on new customers pay in cash basis at first. However, you can negotiate on the terms and details depending on the supplier you are dealing with. For old customers and regular clients, however, paying through credit card is allowed.

5. Feedbacks:

Client feedback is one great way for you to be able to know just how reliable a certain hospitality supplier is. You can ask the supplier for references in your area and you can check them out as well!

6. Cost of Shipping and Transportation:

Most suppliers offer shipping and delivery services especially for clients who are located in far areas. However, shipping and delivery services are not for free; some are even quite pricey. Find out if the supplier charges extra for delivery services. How much do they charge for local deliveries and how much do they charge for international shipping? You need to find out before you place your order.

7. Buying Online:

Availing hospitality supplies online for your hotel is the best option out there. It is more logical and easier to order the supplies and thus it makes the work of hotel and restaurant owner easier. There no need to meet the supplier just select what you need and complete the transaction that’s it.

Anyone into restaurant or hotel business has to maintain certain standards on which their brand is built and for that hospitality, supplies play a very important role.


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