Top 5 Australian Road Trips to Consider

When people say Australia, there are several things that pop into everyone’s mind. This is mostly due to the fact that people who never actually visited the place know only several famous Sydney-based landmarks, as well as the names of a couple of products (mostly popular abroad). The problem lies in the fact that Australia isn’t just a place but a continent and a country consisting of six states, together with ten federal territories. Each and every one of them has something new and unique to offer. The best way to really get to know the place is to embark on an Australian road trip. Here are the top five destinations to consider.

road-432161__340Great Ocean Road

As we stated in the introduction, Australia is a vast and diverse country, yet, the best way to get to know the iconic Australia (coastal Australia) is to embark on a voyage down the Great Ocean Road. One of the things you need to know about coastal Australia is the fact that it’s still safer to explore it by car than by boat. Keep in mind, however, that this is a gargantuan endeavor, which is why it’s something you need to prepare for both mentally and logistically. Moreover, it’s probably not the best idea for your first road trip. For this, you may need something a tad shorter. Speaking of which…

Sydney to Melbourne

For those who aren’t that keen on long-distance voyages (relatively speaking) and would like to traverse next to some of the iconic Australian landscapes, it would be for the best if you were to pick the coastal route from Sydney to Melbourne. Now, even though this particular voyage is somewhat shorter than some others on this list, this doesn’t mean that you can just wander off without a routine checkup or without proper gear. For instance, if you’re starting from western Sydney, you might want to look for cheap tyres in Blacktown, thus crossing at least one worry off the list. Choosing quality car tires is essential for safe and pleasant road trip. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere in the middle of the road! So make sure you choose only the best ones.

The Nullarbor Plain

Once you’re ready for something more challenging, you can even consider traversing from South Australia towards Western Australia via the Nullarbor Plain. Keep in mind, though, that this is a 2,000 km drive that ends in Perth and it entails traversing the dry and harsh environment. Nonetheless, it also contains some of the most mind-numbingly beautiful landscapes in the world. In other words, this is a road trip that you should undertake when you need to have some me-time (for instance, before a major, life-altering decision). For such a massive undertaking, nevertheless, you need to prepare yourself properly.

australia-2282288__340Uluru to Kings Canyon

In order to make at least some sort of balance, it’s vital that we add a trip across northern Australia, as well. This journey lasts about five days and, if you feel the need for such a thing, it can be extended to a visit to Alice Springs. This particular voyage gives you a unique opportunity to see camels in Australia (outside of the zoo). The breathtaking Kings Canyon is Grand Canyon’s underappreciated younger brother, however, it’s just one of many amazing sights you’ll get to behold on this route.

Heritage Highway, Tasmania

Finally, we should add at least one Tasmanian road trip to the list in order not to get accused of favoring the mainland too much. When it comes to it, Heritage Highway is more than an obvious choice. What you gain here is the image of the old, colonial Australia, especially in towns and villages such as Cressy, Evandale and Longford. Most importantly, you get to customize your itinerary to such a degree that you can make the journey last anywhere between several hours and several days.

The reason why we picked these five is due to how diverse they are by nature, the difficulty of the drive and the length of the trip. This means that this list contains something for everyone, despite their schedule or their overall road trip experience. The rest is up to you to decide.


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