5 Most Unexpected Places around the World where You Can Eat a Great Burger

As one of the most beloved parts of our diet, a good burger is the height of hedonistic pleasure for almost any gourmet. Every foodie knows the joy of biting into this meal and feeling the explosion of taste in their mouth, and everything from the way the meat is grilled to which sauce is used is important in creating a complete experience. If you’ve adventurous by nature and love trying out new food all the time, then traveling the world to find that one perfect burger might be an ideal sort of thrill. While you know all about the restaurants that you can find at home, what about the rest of the countries and their unique take on this good old dish? Well, some of them seem to have perfected it, so take a look at our suggestions and let these unexpected places take you on a journey of deliciousness!

Hamborgarafabrikkan (Reykjavík, Iceland)

As soon as you’re able to pronounce Hamborgarafabrikkan, you can visit this restaurant! There’s nothing quite like fresh Icelandic beef, and since the restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients in the making of their food, you’re in for a lovely experience. There are plenty of interesting things to try here – from Miss Reykjavik which is a chicken burger dipped in yogurt mango sauce, to their famous Factory Burger (Hambborgarafabrikkan does mean “hamburger factory” in Icelandic), with its special Factory sauce. You can also go for The Lamburger, which is a real adventure of taste – lamb meat in a freshly baked brioche bun and topped with sauce Béarnaise over grilled mushrooms and garlic.

Agadir Burger (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Agadir restaurants in Tel Aviv are a bit of an oddity because they don’t work like regular chain restaurants – there are no million different dishes to try, there are only four. Plain, chicken, vegan (with mushrooms and veggies), and steak burgers are the only things you’ll see on the menu. The restaurant takes great pride in the quality of its meat, and while there aren’t many options, the ones that you do have are pretty spectacular.

Big Sur (Hong Kong, China)

Our mouth is watering just by thinking of Big Sur’s California Burger and its unique taste. This excellent Hong Kong restaurant doesn’t deviate much from the original recipe, but they add a few special ingredients – avocado and cheddar cheese. Along with lettuce, onion, and tomato, this gives a perfect blend of ingredients to get a delicious taste that goes well with their craft beers. If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, this is definitely one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for great dining and a memorable burger.

Royale Eatery (Cape Town, Africa)

A hamburger joint that even Salma Hayek recommends! The service staff is pretty amazing, and all of them are ready to recommend great dishes to newcomers. Since this restaurant specializes in burgers, you do have a lot of options to choose from. One of our favorites is the Royale Classic which has beef patty served in a basting sauce along with garlic aioli, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and gherkins. Another unique burger is the Baaa Baaa burger, where freshly ground herbs are mixed in with the lamb patty, and it’s served with mint sauce.

Big Fernand (Paris, France)

French being French, they can’t serve a simple burger without a flourish. If you’re looking for something with a dramatic flair, head to Big Fernand because not only do they have a lot of unique burgers, but they even let you create your own – indeed there’s a five-step option where you can choose everything from meat to the sauce that is used. Of course, if you want a real French experience go for Le Bartholomé, which has raclette cheese, bacon, chives, caramelized onions, and two special house sauces along with their beef patty.

Getting hungry? If you’re a foodie trying to pick out your next travel destination, choose any of our suggestions and you won’t be disappointed!






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