Summer Season Down Under – Why Visit Australia in the Later Months of the Year

If you want to experience Australia when the weather is ideal and the tourist season is booming you definitely need to book your trip for late November all the way to early February the following year. However, November and December are the best options if you are not accustomed to great health. Australian spring ends in the eleventh month and you are you will be able to witness the changing of the seasons and experience all the beauty this great country has to offer.

What can you expect when it comes to weather

Now it is exactly because you want great weather that you are going later in the year. Now of course, due to its size, the weather tends to differ in different parts of Australia. For example, in southern Australia, like Adelaide and Melbourne, summer temperatures often hover in the low seventies while in Northern Territory where Darwin is located you can expect extremely hot temperatures and serious downpours. When it comes to Sydney and the gold cost summer is ideal as winters can get a bit chilly. And, finally, the Great Barrier Reef, during the summer there is increased rainfall and it can get as hot as 90 degrees, but this also means lower tourist numbers and more opportunities to enjoy this marvel in peace.

What to pack

Now this will depend mostly on your desired location. However, there are some universal essentials that have to find their way into your suitcase. Let’s start with beachwear. A stylish swimwear is an absolute must, and not just one you definitely need several if you plan on strutting on one of the famous Australian beaches. Australians prefer casual style, so a kaftan or a t-shirt and jeans shorts are perfectly acceptable beachwear. Don’t forget about flip-flops, they are ideal for completing your beach look. Now it would be wise to pack a raincoat in case you find yourself in the part of Australia where summer downpours are a common thing. Now depending on the type of vacation, you are planning you need to do a careful shoe selection. For example, if you want to explore some of the famous Australian nature parks and wildlife reserves, a pair of hiking boots is an absolute must. On the other hand, if you prefer a more luxurious trip that includes discovering amazing sights and exquisite restaurants in Sydney or Melbourne than a dress or two and some stunning shoes are essential. You do want the amazing pics, don’t you?

Must see sights that will enchant you

Now that you are all packed up and ready to go, time to make a small yet powerful bucket list of must-see locations. Now we have covered the Great Barrier Reef in the first paragraph, this is something that you don’t want to miss, especially considering that it might not be there in a couple of years. You can seek accommodation nearby and spend some time sailing, scuba diving or snorkeling. Nature and wildlife that await you there are simply stunning. Next on the list should be at least one of the big cities, Sydney or Melbourne, the choice is yours. Of course, Sydney is much more alluring for lux travelers. You could go see a show at the famous Opera house or have a magical dinner while on a Sydney Harbour cruise. Not to mention enjoy the bustling nightlife and various cultural events that take place at any given time in this magical city. Now, Melbourne is definitely the favorite student destination. One of the world’s biggest university cities it is ever bustling with youthful energy and life, and you are bound to have a great time at one of the clubs, trying the fantastic local food or spending a day on a Yarra Valley wine and wildlife trip which includes a visit to Healesville Sanctuary.


You are now ready to set off on your Australian adventure. The timing is right, you are all packed up and your itinerary includes some of the most beautiful locations in the world. What more can a traveler ask for? Buckle up and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime in the Land Down Under.



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