Say Your Vows in Tropical Paradises

You and your soul mate can’t wait for the big day when you will vow to each other to eternal love. If you two want to have something unusual and special for your wedding, then why don’t you think about having it somewhere far away under the sun? Just imagine – sun shining on you and your beloved, dear people surrounding you and birds singing better than any music from the speakers while the waves splash on the shore. Pack your bags and start a journey to your new life by saying “I do” in some beautiful tropical destination!

Cancun/Riviera Maya

couple-1427863_960_720This Mexican region offers so much for your wedding day! If you and your significant other are history lovers, then you will be thrilled to take a first step to your future surrounded by amazing Mayan ruins. Breathtakingly beautiful rainforest will offer much needed shade once you want to dance your feet off and take a break from the hot sun. Sit down and enjoy your refreshment while the guests celebrate your love. Photographer will surely make some divine photos with you and your love sharing a passionate kiss with a lush rainforest in the background!


Australia has so much to offer and your choice should depend on what you and your partner want for the big day. Love always made people do big things and that’s what Spanish migrant Jose Paronella did – he built dreamy Paronella Park for his wife Margarita and in doing so, he provided couples from all over the world with beautiful wedding venue. You can be married by the Spanish Castillo and once you receive all the good wishes escape with your partner in one of the charming gardens.

beach-1854076_960_720If you want to have a wedding and honeymoon to remember, then jump on a plane and go to Sydney! There are so many amazing wedding venues in Sydney where you will find everything you need – and more – for your big day. You can have a Harbourside ceremony, sail on ferry, travel in time while you are dancing across luxurious ballrooms or vow to love to your partner till death do you part surrounded by animals in Taronga Zoo!


If you want to get married close to the waves, then your choice may be Bermuda. You can have the wedding ceremony in one of the cottages or resorts, and celebrate on heavenly beaches that are kissed by the Atlantic Ocean. You can take your shoes off and dance barefoot on the pink sand! Photos will make a memory for a lifetime thanks to Bermuda’s beautiful scenery adorned with limestone caves, cliffs and endless green golf courses.

Moorea, Tahiti

aisle-1854077__340Blue lagoon is a dream that can come true if you decide to say “I do” on an island Moorea in Tahiti. If you wish to include the other people’s culture in your big day, then you can go for a traditional Polynesian wedding ceremony. While the sun sets behind the waves and you share your first kiss as husband and wife Tahitian songs and prayers will tell a story about your love. Wriggle your toes in warm white sand while your soul mate puts a ring on your finger and don’t forget to take few romantic walks around Moorea.

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii were always exotic place that everybody’s dreamed about and what occasion is more perfect to visit it than to get married and enjoy your honeymoon? If you yearn for some privacy, then choose the oldest Hawaii’s island Kauai. Adrenaline junkies can get married standing on a cliff or canyon. Romantics will have their hearts sing with a wedding ceremony on remote beaches that stretch in miles of white sand.

One thing is for sure – you will feel the sun warming you whenever you remember that romantic day when you said “I do” surrounded by the beautiful Mother Nature.


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