Busting Several Myths About Whitewater Rafting: Tyler Manner

Whitewater rafting is a very exciting sport, but we’re not here to state the obvious. For someone who’s completely new to rafting, there are a bunch of things you’ve already heard about the sport. While some statements might be true, others are nothing more than myths. There’s a lot about rafting that remains unknown to those who haven’t ventured into yet.

Well, if you’re feeling adventurous and are planning your next trip to include whitewater rafting, we want to ensure that you have all your facts right! And we recommend checking out whitewater rafting trips in Colorado with Echo Canyon River Expeditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an ace, they’ll plan out a great trip for you!

Now, let’s shake things up a bit and bust some common myths about whitewater rafting:

Experts only

Rafting is often portrayed as this extreme sport that can be dangerous and deadly for a beginner. It might even seem like it isn’t meant for those who don’t have experience. Well, that’s not true at all. Several companies provide guides on your rafting expedition. You’ll also be accompanied by a professional who’ll make sure that you’re safe. Beginners can very well try out rafting!

All rapids are scary

There are different levels to rapids, much like the different levels of tides in an ocean. It’s a myth that all rapids are harsh and dangerous. Rapids are categorized based on how harsh they are. Category 2-4 is considered safer for beginners, while category 5 and above are much more challenging and risky.

Sanitation and safety

If you decide to include rafting into your itinerary, there’s going to be issues like proper washrooms, a place to stay, food and water and so on. Well, that’s not true at all. There are camping sites set up all around rivers that are famous for rafting. When you book a package, you can also set up a tent, avail clean washrooms and also buy tasty and hygienic food for yourself and your family without hesitation!

Only for swimmers

They say that if you’re not an expert swimmer, rafting might not be a good idea for you. Well, we’re asking you to reconsider! You don’t need to know how to swim to go rafting really; basic knowledge of floating on water is good enough. Also, each person is given a PFD or Personal Floatation Device and also a life jacket, so you don’t have to worry about being safe.

Room for just the basics

There’s a misconception that once you’re on the raft, you can only carry basic supplies with you, and all of your consumables and electronic devices like a camera or a phone need to be kept back at your camping site and left behind. Well, much to your relief, there is a provision in all bigger rafts for you to store your food in a cold storage box. You can also cover your electronic devices in waterproof covers and still carry them with you.

Rafting takes up the whole day

If you get in a raft, you might be preparing yourself to spend the whole day in it. The truth is, you will be spending more time preparing to go rafting rather than staying on the raft! Rafting the whole day is also quite impractical and tiring. This is the reason why most adventurers go camping while rafting.

Being athletic is essential

Would being athletic aid in rafting through harsher and stronger rapids? Absolutely! But it’s not an essential trait. More than being athletic, it’s important for you to be aware of your surroundings and also informed about safety protocol. With the right safety gear and information, even a non-athletic person can easily go rafting.

Rafting is meant for summer

While it might seem logical for summer to be the ideal season for rafting, this really isn’t the case. In some regions, the rapids are suitable for rafting throughout the year, especially when there isn’t much shift in the climate and temperature. So, it might be Spring, but Rafting doesn’t have to be off your list.

Not a family affair

Rafting might not be the best option for a family outing because it’s too adventurous or too strenuous. Sure, but statistics show that rafting is actually preferred as a family outing or adventure in many countries! Rafting is perfectly safe for anyone who clears the basic health checklist, so yes, you can surely go rafting with the whole clan and have a swell time!

All rafting trips are similar

Believing in this myth would be like believing all football matches turn out the same. Rafting is a sport, and every experience is a new one. Once you get accustomed to rafting, you can explore new rivers and regions to raft and trust us when we say this: every rapid is a whole new adrenaline rush!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we hope that we’ve busted at least the more common myths that you’ve heard about whitewater rafting. It’s a very exciting and adventurous sport, and as long as you have the enthusiasm to see it through, anyone with the will and the wish can raft!



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