Outfit Ideas for an Insta Worthy Vacation Picture

Insta Worthy Vacation Picture

We definitely live in a world where, if you don’t take a picture and post it on social media, it is as if it never happened. But for a true fashionista simply taking a picture is never enough. There is an additional aspect of finding the ideal outfit that will simply blend in perfectly with the vacation destination. Of course, you can’t have the same concept for a beach vacation as you would for a mountain one. This article is here to help you decide which outfit combo will provide you with a vacation picture that is Insta worthy.

Insta Worthy Vacation Picture

Hiking in the mountains

Now, this type of vacation calls for a bit more sporty outfit, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. The beautiful mountain greenery, along with amazing sky panoramas can be perfect for capturing some Insta worthy photos that can showcase not only the vacation destination but also your carefully chosen outfit. Now for this type of vacation, you need to find a balance between style and comfort. So start with a pair of tights, but stay away from cotton. It might feel comfortable but it is terrible for insulation, and absorption. Next on the list is layer top options. Having a single shirt doesn’t work. You need to layer it in order to feel warm enough at the start of the hike, and also to have options to take some pieces off if you get too hot due to physical activity. Of course, layering should be done fashionably, so that you don’t look too bulky. Start with a gym top, for comfort. Then opt for a nude color tight t-shirt to give your body shape, and then add a sweater with a zipper and a light wind jacket. Accessorize this look with a stylish hat and a pair of quality hiking shoes. You will look like a pro in the pictures.

Insta Worthy Vacation Picture

Exotic beach vacation

These types of vacation provide you with an ideal setting for amazing pictures. The turquoise sea, white sand, and several palm trees in the background. It is an ideal canvas, all you need is the perfect outfit combo to make the photo not only memorable but also eye-catching and professional. The most important item is, of course, a swimsuit. Opting for a quality one-piece swimsuits by Contessa Volpi is always a good option, you can choose from a whole array of styles that will fit your body perfectly. Now, having a bathing suit is not enough, you also need to accessorize it appropriately. A great wide-brimmed hat is always a great option, it is very lady-like and adds a bit of sophistication to the entire outfit. Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable posing in just the swimsuit, you can add a beach scarf that will complement your swimsuit, but not covers it up completely.

Insta Worthy Vacation Picture

Exploring the capitals of the world

If you opt for a city-exploration vacation, the outfit options might seem limitless and it can get really hard to choose the right combinations. The key is taking into consideration your destination, you will not wear the same type of outfits in Paris and in Sydney. So, the city you are in should dictate what you wear, that way you get the best possible pictures. Do a bit of research, see what sight you want to visit, and see the type of architecture you will have in the backdrop. In addition, it is always a great idea to add a bit of local flair to your outfits, to make the pictures that much more interesting. This type of vacation often allows for some beautiful skirts or dresses, and stylish shoes. And since you will want to showcase bot the location and the outfit, it is best to choose just one strong peace that will dominate the entire outfit. Having too much gone on can be quite distracting. And one last thing, don’t forget to opt for a fun and stylish bag, it can make the whole composition that much more interesting.

Insta Worthy Vacation Picture


You are now ready to take on the daunting task of choosing the ideal vacation pictures to post on social media. The outfit selection is done, and you can choose the best options that will suit your personal style the most. All that is left is to enjoy yourself on your vacation.


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