Valentine Day Travel Ideas

People have this strange connection with love and traveling all together! When you love someone you always have a desire to share your journey with them in fact not only share your journey to be theirs as well. This is the reason why we celebrate Valentine day and specify our love for those who are in our lives and properly deserves this attribute of ours. So this is a blog which is dedicated to the lovebirds who want to fly away from their home to a whole new destination and then discover the new meaning of love, affection, and partnership. While we talk about the establishment of love well this year you can try a new form of spending time and go to North Africa where you will be able to spend time alone and with the crowd as well but in peace. Talking about North Africa one state that comes in my mind is Morocco as there are so many things to do in Morocco regarding the celebration of lovers day!

Enjoy the royal Cult

Valentine holidays are your chance to enhance your attachment with the beauty of all the royal cultures which Morocco has. This is the chance to pay a visit to all those castles and the palaces which are there in Morocco from centuries and enjoy the royal ambiance together. In Marrakech, the Palace Berbera is one of the most beautiful places for you to visit with your partner.

Embellish the Food

When you are traveling you always desire to have food which is new and innovative. From the five stars to the street food everything is so delightful and delicious that once you will taste the food you will crave it more. Moroccan spices are the reason why all the food in Morocco is so delicious. You can add the spice in your life as well and treat your love life with food. Because it is said that where love goes food also follows and make sharing your part in caring.

Nightlife of Marrakech

Things to do in Morocco included enjoying the nightlife of this amazing country and on the evening of Valentine, the clubs in Marrakech gets filled with the lovebirds who arrive there to fly on the rhythm of loud music. There are so many music festivals which are also waiting for you in Morocco. You won’t feel any difference in the nightlife of UK and Morrocco, in fact, trust me it’s more relaxing and hassle-free.

Agadir’s Resort

There are many resorts in Agadir you can book your self a luxurious stay at any resort to cherish the moments of isolation with your spouse. This is the time when you can stay away from the crowd and give time to yourself and the special person in your life. You can also celebrate the Valentine day on the events offered by the resorts in Agadir, they really offer the amazing and beautiful moments with your loved one with peace and luxury.

Shopping Leather

There are many tanneries in Morocco which offer you the extremely affordable and the most admirable leather, you can visit the tanneries and then from the amazing shops near the tanneries you can buy the bags and the leather shoes which could be the gift from your side to your loved one. This is not it there are so many markets in Morocco especially in Casablanca that once you visit them you urge more and more. Hence you are on a vacation you plan a separate day for the shopping and buying the gift for the relatives as well.

There are many things which you have to celebrate with your loved ones and this is the reason why you always try to find the ways of making the time you all spend together worth it. Then when the valentines day come you get a chance to express your true emotions as love is already in the air at that time of the year. So try to stay positive and love the people in your life all the days of the year but try to devote some extra moments to make their time spent with you more precious and unforgettable.

About the author: Cristiana Teixeira
Cristiana Teixeira is Ontario, USA based writer working for Morocco Tourism and looking for challenging tours anywhere around the world. She is a passionate blogger who loves to travel and started traveling few years back in 2013 quitting her overburdened job. She always feels good to know that her travel ideas are someone’s guide to a particular place. She believes that travel is a global citizen and to keep this belief alive, she is here to share her wonderful travel experiences.


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