Travel & Escapes is a blog established with the aim of providing rich and first-hand experience of travel, destinations, people, food, hotels & resorts, art & culture, and leisure & entertainment to readers.  The blog is for all those who love to travel; who love to see and experience new places; who care for environment as well as appreciate wonders of nature; and who love our beautiful planet and its incredible inhabitants.

It is really disturbing to see how people litter wastes and garbage without giving a thought how their callous act is going to affect the environment. Through articles and photographs, Travel & Escapes also endeavours to promote socially and environmentally responsible travel, tourism and leisure activities.  It earnestly requests you to give your support in spreading awareness about socially, culturally and environmentally responsible travel and tourism.

The blog highlights places that are easily accessible, fun, enriching and put the reader in the lap of magnificent wonders of the world. It also endeavours to offer an insight into the culture of a place. Food Quest delights the reader and takes him to the extraordinary culinary journey.  We will appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions to further improve upon quality and diversity of the content. Do drop us an e-mail at travelnescapes@gmail.com


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  1. What an interesting blog you have, and we like many of the same places. We love how you feature accessible destinations with good info in your posts. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. It’s great to have you traveling with us!

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