Travel & Escapes invites bloggers, writers, and photographers to submit their travel experiences and photographs. We will be more than happy to publish.

Please ensure that your articles have following details: best for, ideal time to visit, how to reach, where to stay, what to see, must try, and other valuable tips that you think may be important for a traveller. And please forget not send some good quality photographs. Ideal length of your article should not exceed 800 words. However, it may be relaxed for a well written article.

The piece of writing should cover such a place/ area which can be covered in 2 – 7 to 10 days. This is the ideal maximum days on a long holiday availed by people. The places which are far off or extremely difficult for general public, or that are not open / allowed for commoners will not get place in the blog.  Send your submission at Subject line should be Article Submission followed by Article Name.

Send us your hotel / restaurant review

You have gone on eating-out and liked the place – its services, ambience, and food; do send us your review at

Send us your recipes 

Take down the ingredients and methods of preparing your favorite cuisine and drop us at And yes if possible, also attach the photograph of the same. If you don’t, we will use photograph from the Internet with giving link and credit to its owner.  


Send across your article in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or RTF (.rtf) formats.  Send relevant photographs with captions as attachment.  Also include your brief profile with links to your personal website/ blog/ portfolio (if any).

  • Include only one link from the article to your own article/site.
  • Please give image credit wherever required.
  • Please do not give affiliate links.
  • Article content should be unique and original.
  • The article submitted to Travel & Escapes should not be republished anywhere else / website.  You may give link to the article. If you want to publish it anywhere else, please drop us an e-mail for removing the article from Travel & Escapes. The subject line of the e-mail should be ‘article name’ followed by ‘remove’.

Important Notes

Travel & Escapes does not remunerate for accepted submissions. However, in return, it will link back to your website or blog, or portfolio and publish a brief profile of yours with a mugshot.


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